Knights of Dusk - Still Recruiting!

85 Worgen Rogue
First, I want to dedicate this message in memory those that were lost since the very beginning of the Cataclysm to the final blow of Deathwing. Let us respect the effort each life had put into protecting and serving their fellow man, woman, child, and home. They will be dearly missed.

Even with threat of the World Breaker diminished, Duskwood must continue to deal with other local threats, especially the Horde. We remain ever vigilant but we still require aid. In service of protecting Duskwood, we will do our best to work together toward a common goal. We will accept recruits from many backgrounds and we're willing to to raise the bar and increase that potential.

Our priorities still lie in upholding honor and respect to all. That is something we will never abandon. By the Light, this I swear.

For the Dusk! Until the Dawn.


Knights of Dusk is a heavy role playing guild that claims Darkshire as their "home base". You can often find our members there, open to role playing. We also put an effort into defending the town when it comes under attack.

We're quite open to those wishing to join. Just because we defend the town in World PvP doesn't require for you to be good at PvP. Just because we have a heavy role play atmosphere doesn't mean you need to be experienced. When I joined, I was new to both. If you have an interest in role playing and are willing to learn, we'll gladly be here to help teach you. We all have to start somewhere.

Together, we have achieved guild level 25 and plenty of achievements and rewards! Guild chat is always In Character but we have an Out of Character chat and forums. Without any serious PvP or PvE goals, there's no pressure in trying to work hard all the time. As overused as this will sound, we're here to have fun. The respect and reputation that we earned on this server over the years is something we value highly and it is in our best wishes for everyone to be enjoying themselves. The officers of the guild are active and willing to lend an ear as often as we can. Don't be shy or afraid to approach us if you have any questions or concerns for us.

Even if you are not interested in joining the Order, we still try to maintain a constant presence in Darkshire to role play.

To apply to our guild or learn more about what we do, head to:
Your application will only be visible to the Officers.

AddOns we recommend:

MyRolePlay (MRP) "flags" you and your character as a role player to those who also have the AddOn. It's use is fairly common on the server.
Gryphonheart Items (GHI) allows you to create your very own items to those who also have the AddOn. It has its uses in role play and can be a fun addition to those interested.
MogIt is something I recommend. It's a simple AddOn that has its own database to browse through select items for a Transmogrification outfit. Memory efficient and easy to use!
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85 Undead Rogue
Bump for great enemies. Respect!
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90 Gnome Mage
Great guild
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90 Worgen Warrior
Fear not people, we are still recruiting! YOU TOO could be a Knight of Dusk!
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100 Tauren Shaman
If only they used their powers for good, instead of evil....

bump for a great guild
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90 Worgen Warrior
*hands Aovi a bag of oats*

Who said we were evil?
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100 Tauren Shaman
/points at nearest gnome

He did!

/grab oats
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90 Worgen Warrior
04/14/2012 01:03 AMPosted by Pipwiz
Great guild
...No he didn't. /ponder
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90 Worgen Warrior



HE DID IT! *points at a turtle*
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
*munches some beef jerky while he walks in front of the turtle*

*Points at his dog.*

*Babe blinks*

/bump for the awesome guild that is the knight of dusk! bring back the glory days!
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4 Goblin Shaman
Great guild!
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87 Human Paladin
*Holy Shocks the thread back to life*

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90 Draenei Shaman
They say if you sit perfectly still in Darkshire town square with a fresh bag of oats on your lap then a great shimmering behemoth will come and grant three wishes. You will then find that those oats you once cherished are now gone, replaced by an apology note from Aovi and pool of Tauren saliva.
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90 Worgen Death Knight
I regret to inform you Delegoth that our dear Aovi is no longer with us he's gone to the great pasture in the sky.
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25 Human Monk
Is the guild still alive?
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30 Worgen Druid
-looks at date- -throws holy water-

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100 Night Elf Druid
We moved to Ravenholdt some time ago. Decided to make friends when we were hearing whispers of a possible merger between the servers and found a wonderful RP community there so we decided to stay and make a new home there. :)
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100 Night Elf Death Knight
Stinks that Ravendoldt is being merged with another server and The Venture Co is being merged with another server. Maybe they'll all be merged one day?
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100 Tauren Shaman
I think our merge will still be good, although I do agree Ravenholdt seemed a good fit community-wise.

I will certainly lament not being able to engage KoD once again, great group of folks.
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