Shadow Priests vs Warlocks

88 Undead Warlock
Hey all... I have both a warlock and priest as some fun alts now that we are at the end of the Cataclysm and are waiting for MoP to drop, so I already acknowledge that the game is very much about tier stacking and therefore the drive to get 400+ gear isn't quite as strong as it was previously, and it's also ridiculously easy to obtain gear to at least 384.

Anyways, the main question behind this post is about choosing whether to play the shadow priest or lock. I enjoy both classes, and they are both a nice break from tanking, and I really like the darker theme behind both classes. And if I absolutely had to pick one, it'd probably be the lock, but I just feel it's severely lacking in several areas as a pure dps class where the priest, a hybrid class, really excels at and excels with less difficulty.

I'm really fighting for the lock, but it has several issues, including: while the summoning portal was a nice addition, I feel that it is easily taken advantage of in PvP because you'll know where the lock will reappear, the pet AI is kinda stupid, and because it has a pet, the lock perhaps loses dps when compared to other classes, such as the shadow priest (especially if the pet dies). And isn't fear still really broken in PvP?

It's no secret that warlocks have an extremely complex spell casting system and priority order, whereas shadow priests are much more simple, by no slim margin with results that are much easier to see.

I guess I am really trying to figure out which class has a higher dps potential PvE, and has higher survivability in PvP.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
As a person that has one of each at 85, I can say it depends what you want to put into it, and what you expect to get out of it.

For just doing random bgs, LFR, both are quite fun...and both are equally effective.

Neither classes are great to duel people outside org.

Neither are great in 2's.

Warlocks excel in 3's and are highly wanted for their dispel protection and spread dmg.

Priests have an option of healing when dpsing gets borring.

Warlocks have an option of throwing flame around and being more bursty or going demo when things get borring.

I will say this, I've watched videos of locks where someone who has been playing one for a very long time can literally 1v5 a group of people. I've never seen a priest pull that off. Also, remember, putting your portal in the right place could mean 10 or 15 seconds of free-casting on a melee while they run back to your location (ie up on a bridge, etc).
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90 Human Warlock
die hard lock.
delete your shadow priest.

couple extra things:
1. I dont know if thats transmog or just undead appearance you chose, but genuinely spooky--good job.
2. the portal: I have suggested that the portal locks use should be a lot like the portal from "portal" where you can place 2 portals and go back and forth between the two...much more intuitive and useful than one portal spell and one gate and definitely more confusing to the enemy which is the whole point of having a portal spell to escape with in the first place
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