Team Cupcake has left the building...

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04/22/2012 05:24 PMPosted by Jameson
Dava do you have more paladins than me now?

Nope, Same as you.

I have Buffygirl on Durotan with Des.
And Davazoid on Terenas.

When Des asked me to join them I said I would, but I would level a toon on that server and not just leave.
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91 Night Elf Druid
Good Luck over there Cupcake
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100 Night Elf Priest
I just wanted to say that being in TCC during BC was a great time. I know Gnop and myself (along with others as well) had a lot fun being in a guild with so many skilled players. I miss the Kawa rants, Des running into mobs and accidentally aggro'ing because he was wasted, Silv trying to beat Littleiron on damage (HAHA! ;-) ), Bob being gone from the game for like a year and people thinking that he ran away to have an affair with a donkey, Belmaris and Pharune not having a mic on vent, Dontkillme re-rolling (or something like that) due to locks being nerfed, interrupting counsel in BT with Bobblehead, listening to Webin tell everyone on vent that people are not leet enough in pvp. Good times and good memories. :-D

Unfortunately the game is such that many good things come to an end, and for some of us, the ending comes too soon.

Thanks for the memories TCC
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100 Gnome Warlock
I have fond memories of the BC days and most of the folks I met during that time. The reconstitution of TCC during Cata, well, not so much, it just wasn't the same TCC.

Bob, well Bob is Bob and I doubt he'll change much. But I don't hold grudges, this is a game and I sincerely hope that they enjoy the game wherever they end up.

I have sympathy for those left out in the cold. I don't raid any more, but I'll most likely come back for the expansion. I do log in now and again. So far as guild consistency goes, well SL has to be the most consistent guild I've been in. I have to admit I do miss the "Rala Rages" and that alone may bring me back ;-)
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100 Draenei Mage
Wait, I'm not "pro"? I'm shocked! Nah...I know I was lucky to be in the middle when it came to TCC's DPS department. LOL

I just wanted to say good luck to TCC on the new server, and good luck to those remaining on Terenas who need to find a new guild home. Colwynn and I have no hard feelings against anyone in the guild...we're long past that. We made lots of friends and learned everything we know about raiding from TCC (and PG) and our current guild thanks you all. 1/8 Heroic DS on 4 hours a week - WOOT! :-)

Nefee, I always felt like you were my mage mentor, and I'm better for it. And we both got along well with Bob, too. I couldn't even name all the people that helped us along the way, and we wish you all the best.

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85 Worgen Rogue
Glad you guys are gone, because no one needs female cleaning products on terenas.
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90 Tauren Paladin
Coming from an alt or random nobody, this hurts us deeply. To the other past members that I didnt really know or get to know, thank you for the well-wishes and perhaps we'll see you around one day.

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100 Night Elf Priest
*grabs a broom and sweeps up behind everyone* Nothing to see here... move along... hehe

PS: I was able to keep the guild name, with help from Bob and others. So just in case anyone wanted to rebuild. :) At lease if Bob and company get tired of Bloodscalp they can come home to Terenas. :D

--Negami the loopy
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90 Blood Elf Paladin

PS: I was able to keep the guild name, with help from Bob and others. So just in case anyone wanted to rebuild. :)
--Negami the loopy

Incredibly bored and that sounds like an entertaining project.
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