398 Prot Pally
392 Ret Pally

What I am looking for is a 25M raiding guild that has been around for awhile mainly for Mists of Pandaria. I am currently 5/8HM (not to impressive tbh) I was 5/7HM Pre-nerf in Firelands, I am also a 2.2k 3s player (if that says anything as to my ability as a player) I would LOVE to play Ret in MoP, but I can tank as well. I just want a group of like minded players to raid with and enjoy playing WoW with. I have been in numerous top guilds through the years, Strawberry Puppy Kisses, Incite, vodka for a short time. Leave your guild spam here and a realD information below so that I can get in contact with you. Thank you.