with the betas happening more and more for gw2 it's getting closer to release date, so I thought I'd throw some information out on here to get people on Azgalor interested.

Video of some of the bg pvp (structured pvp) in action with the mesmer class(start at 22 minutes): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYXpLDcfkdY

Here are the main features of the game, with probably my favorite feature, the world PvP:

No subscription fees
No subscription fees. 'Nuff said.There is a cash shop but ArenaNet has stated multiple times that they will never, ever, ever offer items that could possibly cause one player to be stronger than another player in PvP. You can still keep your wow subscription while playing GW2 (which is what I'll be doing)

World PvP
World PvP will also be server vs. server vs. server, Player limits are not yet finalized, but current estimates are that each map will support up to 500 players, split across the three servers, for a total upper limit of 2,000 players across the entire WvW match.

WvW will be accessible to characters immediately after the tutorial instance and players joining WvW will have their level and attributes dynamically adjusted to level 80.

Players may leave or join WvW at any time with only a few restrictions:

Players who have recently changed their home server are restricted from entering WvW for a limited time.
Players who are idle for a certain amount of time will be automatically removed from WvW, but can rejoin at any time.
Players who attempt to join a map that is full can decide whether to queue for a space, or join one of the other maps instead.

Each WvW match takes place across four very large maps containing four different types of objectives. Every 5 minutes, the objectives controlled by each server are totaled and added to that server's cumulative war score.The aim of WvW is to achieve a higher war score than the opposing servers by the end of the two-week battle.

Whenever a tower, a keep or Stonemist Castle is captured by a server, the guild that had the most participating members will have the option of claiming the keep. The claimed keep will then display the banner of that guild, and any WvW upgrades purchased by that guild will apply to nearby allies.

BG/Arena matches
Competitive PvP. Gives you max level, all abilities unlocked, and a set of starter PvP gear. As you play you gain glory to spend on new PvP gear. The gear does not have better stats (so everyone relies on skill) but it will look better and give you more choice as you progress. Also as you gain more glory, the matchmaking system for PvP will place you in matches with players with similar experience. Besides matchmaking you can also join (and possibly create your own) PvP matches via hotjoinable server (think battlefield 3). This lets Guilds and groups of friends play against one another in servers of their own. Also ArenaNet, being the PvP-focused developer they are, will host monthly tournaments consisting of 5v5 single-elimination matches.

Holy Trinity (tank heals and dps)
No Holy Trinity. There are no longer Tanks, Healers, and DPS. Everyone is capable of creating a character that can take some damage, heal some allies, and dish damage out. Everyone has a self-heal skill that they must use to help keep themselves alive, and a dodge skill that evades attacks via the physics engine. You can specialize and create a character that is better at taking damage, healing, or dealing damage, but nobody is capable of just standing and taking massive hits or just standing and healing continuously. If you stand and just try to deal damage without dodging/healing, you will die. Fast. Basically you need to help yourself and help others whenever possible. Everyone can ressurect the dead (even in combat).

Active Combat
Dynamic combat. You can move while casting. You can dodge attacks. The game uses a physics engine similar to Skyrim's, meaning you can actually use abilities while you aren't targeting anything, but if someone runs into that spell/arrow/your hammer then they will be hit. There is still targeting to guide spells and arrows and stuff, but it isn't always necessary.
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Dynamic Events
Dynamic Events & "Hearts". All quests (besides personal story) take place as Dynamic Events and "Hearts". Essentially you can run around an area, and quests will pop up explaining what needs to be done in that area. Everyone in the area can help one another without having to group up, and without a loss in XP or rewards. The dynamic events scale (get harder) as the number of players increase. "Hearts" are areas in which you perform specific tasks (some of which include completing dynamic events) in order to please a certain individual. Once you've helped this "heart" person, they become a vendor and sell all kinds of interesting goodies for karma, which is earned by completing these events. More information on dynamo events can be found here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1058358-Guild-Wars-2-Mass-info-for-the-uninitiated.-READ-ME

Personal Story(epic quest chain for your race/class)
Personal story. Each character at creation gets to make a few personality choices. Based on these choices and your race, you get to go through a personal story surrounding what is going on in Guild Wars 2. You can bring friends with you through this. You make choices as you go, and the NPCs in the world will react to you based on these choices (seems to be broken down between dignified, ferocious, and charming but might change). At the end of each quest, any friends that are with you and are at the same point in the story may choose to accept or decline the choices you made. This lets everyone play their own way, together.

Dungeons (just like wow 5man dungeons and heroic dungeons but much much harder)
Dungeons. There are dungeons that start at level 30 when you reach a point in your personal story. The story mode is meant to be a fairly easy story-telling dungeon that centers around a recently disbanded group of heroes known as Destiny's Edge. As you progress you bring the band of heroes back together to fight evil dragons.

Dungeons also have a mode that is unlocked after you've beaten story mode called "Explorable Mode". This mode is meant to be as hard as any end-game content in a game like WoW, but starts at level 35. This mode is made up of entirely different bosses and events than story mode, and there will be 3+ ways to do explorable mode per dungeon. Basically this means that for each dungeon there should be at least 4 (story + explorable1 + explorable2 + explorable3) different experiences. If you can survive explorable mode that is.

There are many more features to go over (including races and classes you can choose from, uncluding the trait system (which is the talent/glyph system) sidekicking system, profession system(their auction house is global) how their gear/stat system works, and a bunch of other things I'm forgetting.)

For more information visit this thread on mmochampion: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1058358-Guild-Wars-2-Mass-info-for-the-uninitiated.-READ-ME
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I'll be in this weekend's beta event! Send a mail to pocket if you are in the beta and we can play together ^_^
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85 Tauren Druid
I love you, Juju.
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Cant wait till it come out :3
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90 Undead Rogue
me and DV will be there for sure.
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Anyone else in the Guild Wars 2 weekend beta event tomorrow? I'll be on Sorrow's Furnace server named anju and juju, and I think freyed is going to be there too, we'll be in <rc> vent when it starts at 2pm CST
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I will be there aswell, just pre purchased it.... AWWW YEAA
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
04/26/2012 03:26 PMPosted by Pocket
and I think freyed is going to be there too

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So what will everyone be playing as? I'll more than likely go with a Norn Ranger
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human mesmer or elementalist or necromancer
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
Next beta weekend is coming up june 8th-10th, come and check it out!
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