Content: 10-man Heroic mode Dragon Soul
Progress: 8/8 - N
1/8 - H
Schedule: Mon, Tue, Wed & Sat 7:00 PM - 10:30 PM Pacific Standard Time
Open Slots: 1-2 tanks, 2-3 healers and maybe 2-3 DPS (pref. that can consistently break 30k.)

We need 3 or 4 more active members to raid Mon-Wed and Sat. 7-10ish PM Pacific Standard Time. We need all 3 roles atm. If you can't perform well in ~378 gear, you will be often passed over for guild members that can. We expect DPS to be pulling 20k+ in normal mode DS. I'd like to emphasize that we really need 1 or 2 "career tanks" and "career healers". Please have a viable off-spec, that's not collecting dust, to ensure you get a raid spot. If you have to, please repeatedly clear DS in the RF until you're good at the fights.

We're not a bunch of tight-asses, but don't even think of joining and acting like you're hot !@#$, especially if you're really not, which is most likely the case. We expect a little bit of humility. We're not always going to have a perfectly balanced raid group. Expect to roll against other guildies for gear regularly. Progression first, loot second. Feel free to complain that a certain item never drops, that never gets old for us. But, don't complain that another guildies gets more loot than you do. We don't do DKP. We just expect that RNG won't annihilate your face. If the raid will drop it, you'll get it in time, or nobody will. We've never had a Timepiece of the Bronze Flight drop. We want to avoid having to gear up random pugs that we'll probably never see ever again.

Raid nights are rarely cancelled i.e. only if RL gets too sick to move (rarely) or we have to pug out too many spots--depending on the day. Tues - Sat we save for progression nights and Mondays we do a full clear.

Whisper Cavina, Kenren, or Egeria before or around our raid time, 7:00 PM, if you'd like to join or send an in-game mail(IGM) with the title:GUILD APPLICATION for IGM send: toon name, Class/spec, Ilvl and Server. Or post in this thread--toons will be looked up on wowarmory therefore you must log out in the gear you want us to see. We're not going to make you jump through hoops to join. Just be willing to get on for raids and put forth a modicum of effort without complaining about stupid crap. If you ninja-log, you better have a good reason or you may find yourself w/o a guild.