Help an Ele Shammie improve her dps?

85 Draenei Shaman
I need some input from some experienced shammies on how I can improve my dps.

Recent WoL:

Now, we had some new people in our raid group those nights, so please don't be too harsh on us.

What I'm currently using:

Power Auras, big bold markers so I know when my cooldowns are up and dots need refreshing
GTFO, so I don't stand in stuff
DBM/Big Wigs to stay on top of boss warningsI consult Mr. Robot for reforging.

I've considered dropping mining for another dps enhancing prof, but with MoP coming up, I'm kind of reluctant to take that step.

Not sure what else is pertinent. I feel like I'm doing most things pretty well, my connection is good, latency is mostly low (occasional spikes which cause my computer to rebel, but not frequent enough to consider it part of the problem).

I've tweaked my spec a few times recently, changed my glyphs, and seem to be hanging out at around the same damage pretty consistently. Just got rid of my last raid finder piece which made a little different, but still not quite enough.

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90 Orc Shaman
once you get 4pc t13, you want to balance haste and mastery iirc.

i dont believe askmrrobot takes this into account.

so turn some haste into mastery

also whats your rotation? are you using unleash elements? (protip: you shouldnt) are you fulminating at 6-8 stacks or waiting for it to light up? (survey says you shouldnt)

and if you wanna really minmax damage i think you can drop glyph of ULL for glyph of Lava burst for most if not all of DS (or swap between the two)

granted, i dont take my own advice, but i play for fun, not min-maxing damage. i just spend a lot of time on the shaman forums

that said, the sticky for the 4.3 pve ele guide by liax is a great resource:
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