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Hopefully the right number of key players see this post. As most of you know on Ally side, I've been leading 10/25m into Ruby Sanctum, Ulduar, ToC, and ICC for mounts, achievs, and helping others as well as myself get needed items for legendary weapons. As much as I like raiding the old content and having fun with my friends, I am taking a break from leading raids for awhile. Reason being several real life issues, the ever more trouble of getting enough people to do the raids, and my desire to play other classes. I am extremely pleased to have met so many new players on this server from my raids. I'm even more pleased that i was able to help these players get some if not all the loot, mounts, and achievs they were looking for over the past several months. Now I'm not going to give up completely on raid leading currently or in the future. I will still raid lead if i can just throw a group together at a moments notice. Other than that, I will pick up my role of old content achiev runs again in the next lvl cap in MoP. Again thank you very much to everyone who has gone on my raids, it is you that kept this game fun for me with all the commentary, "accidental" actions, and over all fun of the game.

On a side note I would like to give a special thanks to: Ozwi for always healing for me when she didn't want too.
Radhika, Minastir, and Plott for helping keep track of things when it seemed I was getting overwhelmed.
Nisky and Lyselia for their awesome ability to play their class and rolls. Couple of the best Dks I've seen in a long time.
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What I meant be not raid leading for awhile is I won't be scheduling any more raids. I'll pick it back up during the next lvl cap in MoP. As far as knowing the fights in ICC, I have both the 10 and 25m ICC mount achievs, and I know the strats for the shadowmourne legendary. If I happen to be on Canson and have nothing going on, I might be willing to join other groups that need help or a tank role filled. But as far as my group, I never really had a "dedicated" group of people. Most of the time my raids were 80% pug. But i do have a small list of names that will most likely join another group. Mainly because they are still working on the legendary and are on the shard collecting part. If you want these names just send me an in-game mail. These people are great players and understand the concept of team work. They also know all the fights and how to do the special boss achievs. Also if your group or anyone else who is reading this has a regular ICC running group and have questions about a certain boss, or need a "how to" tip for something. Drop me a mail. I will be more than happy to help with info. But please keep in mind, (to everyone reading) a full group of 85s doesn't mean easy achievs in ICC. Most of the bosses yes, but a few no. They do require a certain understanding of the fight and what to do to get the achiev. For example, Marrowgar still requires the healers and dps to stack up for the "Boned" achiev. It just makes it easier to aoe the spikes down if all the spikes are stacked together. Not a hard achiev but I have seen it failed at lvl85.
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Yeah the HLK 25m is still kind of tough because of the shadow traps. I don't know anything about your group make-up, but it is alot easier if you 2tanks, 3-5 healers, 3-5mdps, and the rest of the group rdps. The strat I used for this particular fight is this: Myself mt, the ot is mainly there incase I die. Keep all the rdps and heals close to the side of the platform your group will meet for the transitions. Keep all the mdps and tanks together far away from the transition meeting side.
Phase 1: Pop heroism the sec mt has LK in position. Once the adds start spawning, have all the mdps use whatever aoes they have ignoring getting agro. Necrotic Plague victims just need to run away from everyone else to be cleansed. The mdps/tank group just needs to move slowly toward the transition meeting side do to shadow traps. It helps if the mt knows the percentages for phase changes.

The rest of the fight is pretty straight foward. The key thing here is having the rdps stay on LK the entire fight ignoring everything else. During the transition phases, have all the rdps at max distance from LK so they won't take damage from Remorseless Winter (don't forget the orbs). This is why I say having more rdps over mdps is better for HLK25m.

Depending on the amount of dps from the rdps, you can very easily push the phases past phase 1. I've had a group were we pushed him so hard that during phase 2, we didn't get any Valk adds and 1 defile drop. The ot and mdps are the only ones that need to switch between boss and adds.

Hopefully this will help if your group is having trouble. And I have seen HLK25m killed with 15 people before. The best advice I can give any group about any fight is just have fun with it. Learn from mistakes, keep cool heads, and don't be affraid to try new things.
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