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85 Human Priest
Just thinking of all the past guilds I've played/raided with for periods of time, some years while others for months. Just curious to see who has been where (and when) while playing on Uldum throughout the years. Hopefully people still actually come to the Uldum forums and maybe post in this thread... just think it would be interesting and kind of fun.

For me from what I can BEST remember, and trying to keep in order...

Knights of (something) - Alliance
Seekers of Skybreak - A
Parabellum - A
Elendili of Imladris - A
ShadowStryke - A

Burning Crusade
ShadowStryke - A
Blackthorn Circle- A
Black Undertide - Horde
Coffee Beans - H
AFK One Sec - A
Moskau- - A
Veritas Aequitas - A

Storm of Pain - A
Remaining Few - A
I N F I N I T Y - A

Coffee Beans - H
AlliedArsenal - A

I'm sure there are more that I just can't remember, I'm sure if someone mentioned a guild name, I would have an "oh duh" moment. So yeah! If you want to post in any way, shape or form go for it. Kind of a neat way to look at the guilds that have come and gone throughout Uldum's 7.5 year life.
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85 Human Paladin
Good ole shadowstryke, Oh and Gards and BTC :O Johnnyboy here :O
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90 Orc Shaman
When I rerolled here in mid BC after playing on lightninghoof i was in Coffee beans, went to Nightfall from end of BC till semi-end of wrath, went to skeleton crew, stopped raiding and came back here into Nocturnal which used to be Kanak Attack.

I think Most of Kanak was around in vanilla horde side, I know Nightfall was around since then. SC i think was primarily BC-Wrath.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
yea some kanack members were around since vanilla... and in BC we had a bunch of friends who just got together to do kara and ZA (nerfed of course).

Once Wotlk came out we tried to stick to a small 10 man raid group... and thus became such close frienemies!
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100 Orc Hunter
I remember many many fun nights raiding with the Kanack folks!
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85 Tauren Paladin
Clearly you were not around in TBC.

Burning Crusade
1. PoorPlay
2. Gentlemens Club
3. Serious Business
4. Skeleton Crew
5.The rest dont matter.................
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85 Human Paladin
You Forget Early BC!, Colt Forty Five.. Actually completed Karazhan before PP.
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85 Human Warrior
Pantheon was pre BC as well
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85 Human Warrior
Pantheon and Union there was another guild i was apart of during AQ40. They were alot of over seas players but i cant remember the guilds name to save my life. We cleared to C' thun in AQ40 then i think the guild broke up or xfered servers due to the time difference. All i know is they paided for all my Grand Marshal gear lol. And i was a broke !@# PvPer trying to raid then.
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