Helpful tips if you're heading to Beta

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Thought it would be nice for us to share tips we have for our fellow BWR members who are on their way to the beta. Please feel free to add your comments :-)

Character copy: While it's not listed on Account Management when you go to copy characters, Gilneas is a PvP server and Lost Isles PvE. If you're not heading to a specific server to be with friends, choose the type you like.

Getting around Pandaria and back to the Old World: Portals currently require a Rune of Teleportation to use. If you are copying one of your live toons, get some from a reagent vendor before heading to Pandaria. You can get to Pandaria via the Portal Panda found across from the SW Trade Dist AH if Alliance. Wayward Landing is the current starting point for Alliance quests and Hellscream's Hold for Horde quests. If you ask to be sent to Pandaria, currently it will send you to Dawn's Blossom (both factions as far as I know). Both locations have portals back to SW, Dawn's Blossom also has a portal back to Orgrimmar and I'm guess that Hellscream's Hold does as well. If you're copying a premade character, look for someone with a Traveler's Tundra Mammoth (Gnimo sells the Runes). Other players have been nice and giving out Runes at times; others have been selling them for up to 500g. Flight Masters do need to be discovered for the points around Pandaria before you can travel to another location using the flight paths.

Questing in Pandaria: Some quests are a little bugged still. Currently I'm stuck on The Jade Witch and Getting Permission (which both have multiple threads open in the Bug Report forum). If you run into trouble, go to the quest and bug forums and search by the quest name. Sometimes you can find the information you need there to finish the quest. If you are out of quests to do, look at the world map for your zone. An exclamation point will appear any place where there are available quests for you to get.

There's a lot of information in the Beta forums but it can be hard to find the info you need. Feel free to ask others who are also playing for help.
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90 Gnome Priest
Professions: you can train for Zen Master for professions but most don't seem to have the new recipes added yet.

First Aid seems functional - I've trained to 600 already. When I hit 600, there was a message of "spell not yet farmed" so there's probably going to be another Dense bandage available.

Cooking: I've found a few recipes to learn at the trainer in SW but I suspect most have to be learned from Pandarian trainers once I find them.

Fishing: haven't tried it yet beyond learning Zen.

Enchanting: formulas are in the game but not the mats. Even if I DE a MoP item, I get Cata mats. I've leveled up a bit using Cata formulas.

Tailoring: no patterns yet. I did level up a bit with Cata patterns.
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