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I know you're busy with D3 and MoP, but if you need a break, consider this idea. I'd like to pull trade chat logs via the web API.

For The Undermine Journal, it would be cool to show lines from trade chat where items are mentioned, to see if people WTB or WTS things outside of the auction house. Trade chat is the public global chat channel for every realm anyway, so there are a lot of other neat chat stats one could pull from there.

I think an hourly pull, much like the current AH setup, would be great, but even a once daily pull would be useful. The sender's name and full message (including item links), along with a timestamp is all that would be necessary. It's the same stuff you could pull from Logs\WoWChatLog.txt, except instead of me having to have a character sitting logged in on every realm, I could instead just query the API.

I know this suggestion has a snowball's chance in Firelands, but it's worth a shot. Thanks.
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04/11/2012 03:10 PMPosted by Ujournal
I know this suggestion has a snowball's chance in Firelands, but it's worth a shot. Thanks.

It is extremely unlikely that we'll ever be able to expose that level and amount of in-game data, simply because of the degree of separation between our web servers and the game servers. We'll add it to the backlog of things to look into, but again, it probably won't happen.
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Understood, thanks for the response. :)
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Now we will know exactly who said Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker. The signal-noise ratio of trade chat would be a truly horrible thing to behold :)
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