What is fun about 75-10

90 Tauren Druid
Seriously the alliance had a total of 10 deaths on their team, the horde had 75 deaths.

Now I don't care about losing, its a battleground its going to happen, but there's no fun in getting farmed at the gy for 15 minutes in a 20 minute game.

Now granted we had some undergeared dps, but we also had no healers, not one, to their 4. Which makes things very simple, even if you could kill them before they kill you they get healed up and you die anyway.

The technology is obviously their to at least make the healers on each side even, so if one side has 2 healers the other has 2, or if there's none on horde side then there's none on alliance side.

Especially with the way pvp is today in that without a coordinated group (which random bgs are not) its very difficult to take someone down with 2 healers around, and impossible to coordinate CC around that.

So please just balance healers in bgs, it doesn't have to be a minimum of 2 healers each side or whatever just make it so each side has an even number of healers.
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Getting farmed in the GY has next to nothing to do with how many healers you have.

I read this and I read, we all went middle and paid no respect to the objective, then every one died, rather than run past and try to organise, we just kept streaming into their group one at a time only to be picked off one at a time.
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I watched the alliance camp our GY when WE were winning WSG 2-0... I think some teams just do it because they don't know how to do anything else.
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97 Human Warrior
04/16/2012 09:17 AMPosted by Darksehb
I watched the alliance camp our GY when WE were winning WSG 2-0... I think some teams just do it because they don't know how to do anything else.

Some people enter BGs for the same reason they do world PVP...to gank and grief other players. They could not care less about objectives and only involve themselves in road fighting and graveyard camping. Then they call the rest of the people in the BG scrubs because their damage numbers are high....nevermind the fact that NONE of their damage actually contributed to anything...I mean they might as well have stood in front of a training dummy and fire away for 20 minutes....but hey....they topped the charts in damage and killing blows so it makes them uber. Graveyard camping is probably the MOST classless thing anyone can do in a BG...stagger kills...pick the opponent off when you outnumber them 6 to 1, like fishing in a barrel and then gloating over your "total domination" of your opponent.....must really make some deficient morons proud of themselves.
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