poor <imho>

100 Orc Warlock
04/17/2012 12:02 AMPosted by Glùe
Lol, really rumors are fun!! Also who were the 2 IMHO brought in to get spine that transfer for spine and left under 24 hrs? Not to mention your other 8/8h. Think what you like best wishes in your progress.

Just to clear things up...

The 10 we had for the heroic spine kill were: Ludacriss, Casavir, Months, Healthy, Pavvelo, Arnx, Malominous, Ziddy, Kryt, and Solkanar. Pavvelo is our "transfer," "ringer," "pro," "imho legend." He's more imho than me. Original imho peoples are scattered and when we lose a raider we don't get replacements in trade. Ludacriss keeps tabs on people because he knows we have two days to raid, and who can he trust to not waste the time of the others in the raid? Anyways, Comic left after H Hagara and we called in Pawelo, imho legend. It was extremely hard to gear his pally with 4.5 other people on the token that relatively never dropped for us (casavir needing on non-tank gear as well). I log in one day and see he brought over his druid, pavvelo, which I think had one H madness kill under his belt. Sweet! I think we started H spine a week before them but they got their H spine kill the next week I think.

LOL poor imho.. they've only been 5/8H for 2 months and 6/8H for 6 weeks.. we totally stole it from them.. like they didn't have time to work on it. We actually gave a damn and put the effort in. Get over it.

Sure we spent time on H warmaster and H spine. There was a nice learning curve for us. Skipping that learning curve would have been awesome if we could have, it was brutal. I don't particularly care about how your kill was done. I admit it stung at first, but whatever. Grats on the kills, but it's comical to say you put in the work.

Some people have sour g#!@%s, we work hard the two nights we raid, but we know nothing is guarenteed. Some people were still angry about the lol Sinestra lock out fiasco where we pugged an HHG guy through heroic cho'gall and into a couple Sinestra attempts, who then tried to get the kill with his guild after we called it. Naturally, it's disappointing when you put
in time and watch the reward go elsewhere.

We've been behind Sodality and Astral and Invidious and Sepsis and now HHG. Casavir and myself even helped HHG kill H morchak on our alts. We're human and get disappointed when things don't work out how we envision them We do our thing for ourselves, other people notice sometimes and we appreciate that. I hope you guys can keep killing stuff and we can start killing stuff and we can win back more people to the horde side.

Thanks to people who love us. No thanks to the people who hate us. ;)
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90 Human Paladin
04/17/2012 11:20 AMPosted by Malominous
we can start killing stuff and we can win back more people to the horde side.

But we have Night Elves! Pretty Night Elves! (...but Trolls... hm...)

Anyway, I wish I could give more than a thumbs up and a good luck! :) Keep on truckin'!
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90 Human Warrior
:3 well said. Good Luck to you guys on Madness and in future tiers :D
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85 Human Death Knight
I am guessing the person talking crap to IMHO was from Hordehound Gang? IMHO I wouldn't worry about it, you guys have been Dentargs number 1 raiding guild for a while now, just because some random guild gets a full clear after 3 nerfs doesn't mean much. Especially with you guys raiding only 2 nights a week, that says something about the group you have.

As Music and Isese said, good luck with your future progress. I am currently trying to put something together for MoP so we can actually have a competition on this realm. On my old realm (Blackhand) there was nothing better than trying to keep up or keep the lead on other guilds, or even rooting for one of your favorites when your own falls behind.
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90 Worgen Hunter
Kudos to both guilds. I'm all for realm progression.
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100 Orc Death Knight
Hi, Paw is my hero <3
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85 Blood Elf Warrior
Hi, Paw is my hero <3

Paw should be everyone's hero!!
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90 Pandaren Rogue
I got no problem with you guys what so ever, I understand people will speculate and spread rumors. As i said Good luck with progress. I get annoyed with trolls going out there way to cause an issue and have 20 people a day asking me questions, we both have are trolls. So its what ever, Best of luck and lets see how mop goes.

And we gladly welcome any and all competition.
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90 Worgen Hunter
But it's not a competition.....
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45 Goblin Priest
04/17/2012 01:45 PMPosted by Blacksabath
IMHO I wouldn't worry about it, you guys have been Dentargs number 1 raiding guild for a while now,
Long before most people here were on this server. What ever happened to Mcpoof and Choppy?
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