Hi, we are looking for mature active players for raiding and have opened all classes for recruiting. We want to continue into MoP and hope to return to 25 man raids. Right now, we are raiding 10 man's. While we are not hard-core, we do expect commitment and dedication during our raid days for progression. Our guild has been established on Llane since 2004. We have always strived to achieve our personal best and since we are a like-minded group, we are able to create an environment free of harassment and abuse.

We currently raid during the weekend, Friday & Saturday, 7:30 pm to 12, and do other activities during the week. We would like to recruit more classes in order to push into MoP. We not only raid, but also pursue other activities such as pvping, achievement runs, raider awards, alt runs, etc. We are looking for those players that may have never raided but are willing to learn, or seasoned vets. We do have a probation period just to see where you may fit in our guild and we offer many benefits among ranks.

For the GM’s out there, if you are struggling with attendance or lack of players, we are open to a joint progression. Send me a whisper in game and let us discuss!

Guild Web Site: Http://www.moltencorpses.net
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