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90 Draenei Shaman
I'm bad, and I just started doing 3s, and it's hard for me. Trying to purge 3 people, wind shear 3 people (i normally end up just wind shearing the healer), dispell your team mates and heal them while being trained like a pokemon, it's just hard.

I'm not that good at keybinding and don't have a naga but I have about 20 keybinds I think. I have trouble with my targeting to, I keybninded target party member 1 to scroll up, 2 to middle mouse click, and 3 to scroll down. And for some reason target party member 3 never works and doesn't target me. But when I set scroll down to target self the other two get messed up.

Any other tips besides the generic trolling ones saying all you have to do is riptide and los, would be appreciated.

Also when should I be using

Greater Healing Wave
Healing Surge
Healing Wave

And excuse the unenchanted items, my WoW income can't support the 2k gold enchants for gear I will replace soon, so thats why most of my stuff isn't enchanted.

And what would I spen conquest on next? I was thinking about saving for weapon+shield. Or bracers since the intellect enchant for bracers seem to be the most expensive enchant for resto shamans on my sever.
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90 Draenei Shaman
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44 Human Warlock
Being able to watch all of that stuff at once comes with time spent played. I don't know much about shamans, but

Don't worry about purging too much.

You should be in GW spec most of the time, which means wind shear is on a 15s cd with 25y range, so don't go crazy with that either. You're not going to get everything, and you actually don't want to be within 25y of the enemy most of the time.

You said you usually wind shear the healer. That's good, it helps your team keep up the pressure. However, most rshams I know either have /cast [@arena1/2/3] wind shear macros or have the caster dps (mage/warlock) set as their focus for most of the match to avoid cc.

If you can get the weapons, pretty sure that's what you should go for.

Ask around the server/gchat for an enchanter, the mats are usually much cheaper than the finished product. Open up the guild tab, go to roster, and filter by professions.

GHW is your staple cast.
Healing Wave is for mana conservation.
Healing Surge (EDIT, below poster is right) is quick, hard to kick, and its crit chance is increased by tidal waves stacks (from riptide).

Don't say you're bad! Maybe you are, but for now you're just new. You'll be bad if you're not better at any of this in a few weeks =)

Unleash Elements to heal while silenced. Tremor/Grounding frequently and correctly. Hex off of your partners cc.

Predict swaps. Earthshield will keep people up through bombs/you being cc.

Drop the Chain Heal glyph. There aren't any other really good ones, but you're not going to cast chain heal, so... go with Frost Shock/Ghost Wolf/ Healing Wave. I don't think Healing Stream glyph is worth using since everyone will have enough spell pen to negate it.

v Speaking of dispel, /cast [@party1/2/3] cleanse spirit macros are basically a necessity.
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85 Human Paladin
Like the other poster said, dont worry about purge so much at the moment till ya get more basic stuff down. Purge basically on kill target when pushing for the kill at this time and some obvious stuff like wings. Surge is a nice heal because rip gives it a nice chance to crit if i remember right. GHW is staple heal as already said. Dispell on teammates is pretty needed. If you keep es up and riptide on cd you should be pretty money. Learning positioning will help you tons, use that ghost wolf! Also getting sheer off against enemies cc cast is a good way to go, saves ya from having to a lot of additonal work. Remember shammys big thing is we dont have to hard cast nearly as often as other classes. Healing stream is a beautiful totem to keep down also. gl.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
I just glanced through the comments and didnt see a answer for your targeting issue...You need to make target 3 into target self....For example my binds for targeting are Mouse Wheel Up = Party 1 Mouse Wheel Down = Party 2 and Mouse Wheel Click = Target Self
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85 Tauren Druid
Make sure you bind all spells used in arena.

Come pro at PVE healing ,and it will be seen in PVP. That will fix dispels & healing problems.

I'd start with something simple like a focus macro. Just set your focus target at start of match w/ Gladius, and then have spells like windshear, hex have a macro with a modifier (e.g., shift)

1 = hex
Shift + 1 = hex focus target

2 = wind shear
2 = wind shear focus target

I use clique to help w/ minimizing keybinds for healing. Myself and Ameriss did this since WOTLK (Ameriss = 3100 EXP holy paladin healer).
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85 Draenei Shaman
I also have the same problem. I'm completely decked out in Honor gear with a few pieces of Conquest gear. I feel like my heals just aren't enough to keep myself alive. Sure... I can handle a single DPS attacking me but when it comes down to having two melee burst me, it just doesn't seem like enough to keep me alive even when I pop CD's. I guess healing as a Paladin really spoiled me...
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90 Draenei Shaman
I made a pvp vid a little while ago. I'd only been playing wow for a few days or something after a 6 month break when I recorded this so I made a few mistakes but it might help you out.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
The 10/0/32 spec is also really nice. Having reverberation and being able to shear ever 5 seconds is pretty amazing at mitigating incoming caster damage or CC. It has its trade-offs but is worth considering.

About windshear. You should really have it set for your focus macro and just shear whomever is most disruptive. Shearing heals is nice and helps with pressure, but I think shearing a poly or a boomkin clone is a much higher priority. This is because the caster already spent time trying to land it which is time spent not pumping damage. They were trying to land the CC to either peel because your pressure was too great, or to force you to play defensively. By shearing those types of spells you continue to play the role of the aggressor.

So imagine this scenario. You are playing RLS. You face shadowplay. During the match your teammates are sitting on the shadowpriest. Your focus should be the lock, and you should primarily be concerned with getting UA's so that you can cleanse fears. Don't worry about shearing the shaman and save your groundings for when he hexes. If your teammates switch to the lock, you switch your focus to limit shadow priest damage or possibly to the shaman if you think u can shear a heal or two if your switch will result in a kill. Etc.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Thanks everyone, good info. And thanks for the video Kreyyn.

I really need a Razer Naga to keybind those arena target windshear/hex to.

Also I got a Darkmoon Card: Tsunami I'm wondering when I should start using it. I only got 4.4k res with it so I had put the battlemasters trinket on for more res. How much much res should I have before I can equip it and not worry about the loss of res from a pvp trinket.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Thanks everyone, good info. And thanks for the video Kreyyn.

I really need a Razer Naga to keybind those arena target windshear/hex to.

Also I got a Darkmoon Card: Tsunami I'm wondering when I should start using it. I only got 4.4k res with it so I had put the battlemasters trinket on for more res. How much much res should I have before I can equip it and not worry about the loss of res from a pvp trinket.

I'd say around 4.6k resil (without tsunami). If you are then queuing into a lot of ret dk x or triple teams teams put battlemasters back on.
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