Bloodlust Pants/Boots OBTAINED! :D

90 Pandaren Hunter
EDIT EDIT EDIT: I've finally obtained my pants and boots. Thank-you!Leaving the original post for reference:

I've been seeking these two items for quite a while now, so I thought I'd bring my advertisement to the forums! :D

I'm looking to buy Bloodlust Britches and Bloodlust Boots to complete my transmog set.

Priority is the pants.

I am paying quite well for either item. I won't say how much here, but if you are curious, whisper me in-game - I can promise my offer is substantial. :)

As far as the britches are concerned, Wowhead reports that the mob with the highest drop-rate (outside of rare/elite/raid/dungeon) are the Twilight Avengers in Silithus... with a drop rate of 0.01%. :-/

The boots fair a bit better, with a drop rate of 0.04% from Hive'Regal Burrowers (also Silithus).

Essentially, these items are both world drops from mobs level 52-61. Probably not worth 'farming' unless you are extremely ambitious. :P

If you're Horde, I'd be happy to buy them off the neutral AH. Just make an alt on Alliance side and let me know you have them available - we'll work out a deal. :)

I will be buying on a "first come, first serve" basis. I will not be reselling, and I can only equip one of each item. :P Please don't be upset if I don't buy from you because I already found what I was looking for. Be aware I am actively farming and advertising each day, and have a small handful of people farming for these items too, so at some point I'm bound to get lucky. :D

TL;DR: I want to buy Bloodlust Britches and Bloodlust Boots ASAP. I am paying lots of monies.

And thus ends my spiel.

<3 nUtSy
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Haha wow, I have both of those rotting in my RP bank. Shall send you a mail!
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90 Pandaren Hunter
omg, if you do, I love you. So much.

Expect a mail from me in response. <3
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91 Blood Elf Hunter
Hi I too am Looking for the Bloodlust Britches and Bloodlust Boots. Please I will be happy to pay good for the both of them. I'm on WoW all the time. Please look me up, I'm in Zul'jin. I have been searching for a very long time for these 2 items. Ty.
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91 Blood Elf Hunter
Hello Everyone. Please I am trying to find the Bloodlust Boots to buy. I have been farming for countless of hours trying to obtain them. The Bloodlust Boots is all I need to complete my full entire set. Please if anyone out there reads this and you happen to have a pair, I would love to buy them from you. I am offering 10,000g for them. I am in Zul'jin and I am on every single day, morning , afternoon, and evening. Please if someone out there has them and wishes to sell them to me,that would just make my day.

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94 Draenei Mage
Hi Persius, I have the boots if you're still looking.
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100 Worgen Warrior
Wish I had the boots too, tbh. If anyone has them i'd be willing to work out something. They seem to be quite the pain, and not enough time to farm them. If you're on MG just /who Dream Team if you're willing to speak about the boots, if you have them.
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