Hi Guys
i am looking for a priest who has top tier arena experience. i am currently looking to fill my priest position to run RMP.
a couple of my friends and i were in the 5 FX and we are making a come back. although our gear is lacking a bit, the arena experience we have is top notch. will be running RMP as well as UA lock FROST mage RESTO shaman.

UA LOCK - dunz
RESTO shaman - Mappifx
Frost mage - Powerpuffboy
rogue - Ksmack
Priest - open position

we are going to be making a push for #1 again. if any of you knew us from s1-s9, we are a very competitive arena based team and we will take #1 again. Please send me an ingame mail if you are interested. I do not care if you are in full bloodthirsty or greens. SKILL > gear please.