400,000 Annual Pass Invites Sent

86 Worgen Druid
I found creating my battletag helped update it to make it show Beta PTR
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90 Human Paladin
Yay, i just got mine yesterday, the client seems very crash prone atm so you can't do much.
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71 Orc Warlock
No email with an invite but the MoP PTR is on my account now, I just submitted my Character Copy request.

Will try the beta when I get home from work.
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89 Night Elf Death Knight
Thank you for the beta. I love you all!
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90 Worgen Druid
well some of the new subscriber who sign up in the last 2 week got an invite already. And others who already sign up longer ago still don't? Where is my beta invite? Why Blizzard can't keep once their word?

Please keep in mind that they've stated that there were some flaggings from the first wave that they were still working on due to whatever caused those particular accounts to bounce when they attempted to flag them.

Look at the fact that people are getting in, so these ongoing issues /are/ being fixed. There is clear evidence of that in the posts stating that people have finally received access. I know that it sucks to have to wait -- I waited my turn as well -- and that technical issues delaying things is not fun at all, but you will get in. Exaggerating about Blizzard's promise-keeping record is probably not going to help put you in a cheerful mindset. Don't stress yourself over it. It will happen.

Edit: Mike, I know you've been waiting a while too, and to you it seems ridiculous, but I think some of you are losing perspective here. The beta is not even close to over. You are going to get in. The more you focus on this issue personally, the more upset you're going to make yourself. Over what? Access to a video game beta?

I know it sucks, but please, try to relax, and look at the fact that progress is happening. They are working on the problem actively.

You. Will. Get. In. To. The. Beta.

i know i will get into beta

just again frustrating when people are getting in now and i still dont have it

i have been very paitent thus far i am just hoping i am in by the weekend

that will half restore my faith in blizzard which is very low atm

edit: now the ptr realms have gone from my beta so that could be a sign
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100 Troll Shaman
I'm curious - just this Monday I signed up for the Annual Pass. Will I still get into the MoP beta? I suspect I'll probably be one of the last invited though...
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83 Blood Elf Mage
04/26/2012 02:09 PMPosted by Spikedude
I'm curious - just this Monday I signed up for the Annual Pass. Will I still get into the MoP beta? I suspect I'll probably be one of the last invited though...

The sign-up page for the Annual Pass still lists getting a guaranteed spot in the MoP Beta

I signed up Sunday night so I am waiting just like you. My guess is that they are waiting until after April 30th to say when we will get in since that is the Annual Pass deadline.
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90 Worgen Rogue
I didn't get an inv...Signed up back when first introduced.
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90 Worgen Druid
04/26/2012 02:21 PMPosted by Kibblezbitz
I didn't get an inv...Signed up back when first introduced.

apparently they still sending out the ones which bounced back

hoping in before weekend

or at least before 30/4/2012 :<

it will be over 6 months sinced i signed up up for the pass and nothing

sigh :<
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90 Draenei Shaman
I know it's not much comfort, but I'm still hoping y'all get in for the weekend. :)
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83 Troll Druid
Any news Bashiok?
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
So I just signed up for the annual pass on the 20th. Should I be expecting an invite with those that got bounced too, or am I gonna have to wait for the next wave?
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90 Dwarf Shaman
I still dont have my MoP beta invite and i have the annual pass!!! please help!
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85 Human Paladin
Just logged in, my invitation is there. TY, Blizz.
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100 Dwarf Hunter
signed up for the annual pass a while ago. Have had the account since 2006, still no inv.
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85 Night Elf Priest
Huzzah! Great work Blizz, I'm in! All great things take time.
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85 Gnome Death Knight
I am wondering how long it will take to get into MoP beta since I just signed up for the annual pass last Sunday.
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100 Undead Priest
If I still do not have my beta pass but I have the annual pass, how do I proceed?

Should I call, post here or do something else?
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64 Worgen Death Knight
*Still Angsting*
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