To former members of <Osiris>

90 Worgen Priest
Hello from Bansath!
GM of <Herp Derp> on Gorgonnash, where some of your former guildmates now reside.

I understand that there have been some hard feelings recently with the departure of your GM, members, and how some of the events played out. I am hoping to discuss the matter and extend both an olive branch as well as an invitation to come be with us on Gorgonnash.

I also understand that many of you feel betrayed by Sheepshooter, which I would also like to address.

One of the most challenging aspects of running a guild, is maintaining a solid raiding roster. Sheepshooter and I began talking back in October '11 during Firelands when he was looking for a new home to progress. He had the opportunity to join us during Firelands. You should know that he declined, because after talking with your membership - he wanted to stay
and fix things. He has always expressed his strong loyalty to you and your guild.

From then on Sheepshooter and myself have had numerous conversations, him battling between his feelings of loyalty to you and the frustration with the Osiris progression. I saw the same problems I see in a lot of guilds. You have skilled raiders held back by other members who don't put forth the same effort or have the same skill to push progression.
Which is why I have always had an open offer to Sheepshooter. Bring your raiders over, and let's fix your raid up so your members can live up to their full potential.

This continued during Dragon Soul. As you know, your guild was experiencing challenges with roster as many guilds do. This puts you behind in progression. And when you fall behind, it becomes more difficult to recruit good players to your guild - and you are also at
greater risk of losing good members to other guilds who are more progressed.

And so here we are today. After you lost some of your key raid healers here recently - apparently there was some drama during that last raid on Heroic Zon'ozz. Sheepshooter finally decided it was time to move on. But remember, this was not a snap decision. This is after MONTHS of trying to work things out with you all.

I am sorry if how the events played out has left some of you sour. Understand the intent from the beginning was for any and all of you to come over and progress.

That offer is still open. And I am still hoping to see more of you over here with us.

What I have to offer, is a very active guild. Last night we had 40 people in vent, even more people online and three Dragon Soul raids going on at the same time. I have a different guild management style than Sheepshooter, and a different approach to building a healthy guild and maintaining roster. You are welcome to come make a level 1 character and
check things out. Come test the waters.

Each week we are running 7+ DS 10 man raids. Firelands for Legendary staff farming. There are always people on running old content, mount farming, heroics, and bgs. It is a fun guild environment.

I am looking to take the Osiris members that are here already, and fill out another Heroic DS raid. I would like to get more of you over to Gorg for that, or to find a spot in any of our other raids that might fit your RL schedule.

I understand that transferring characters may not be a viable solution for some. Hopefully you will be able to fix things or find membership in other guilds where you can down content.

I'd like to discuss with you individually or as a group in vent if you are interested.
Just let me know.
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