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Evening Guild Recruitment

As of late Ive grown tired of the slow pace of Semi-Hardcore raiding guilds and jumping from guild to guild every few months due to people losing interest, Guild drama occurring and of all just not the willpower of the entire group there to progress at the pace I once was.

What I Can Provide
1.) An extensive knowledge and Attempt Experience of 7/8 Heroic Dragon Soul (5/8H Killed)
2.) A player than has the Mindset and Experience to regain the play style of a Hardcore Raider and be competitive in end game content
3.) A player that is Dedicated, Loyal, Responsible, Trustworthy and Being able to be counted on without question
4.) A rogue that is 20 Gems away from Legendary Daggers (3.5 weeks 10 man / 1.5 weeks 25 man approx)
5.) A Player than comes prepared with Flasks / Food/ Pots / Gems / Enchants / Raid Strategies memorized
6.) A player that can take constructive Criticism and fix the issue before next raid day
7.) A player that knows everything there is to know about his class
8.) An finally a competitive gamer that takes all aspects of the game seriously, But still knows how to joke around and have a good time

What I'm Looking For
1.) A guild that I can be apart of for the rest of My Warcraft Career (Long term hopes)
2.) A Hardcore 25 Man Raiding guild that is a tight-knit group that has little drama / Loot complaining
3.) A strong and trustworthy Leadership core
4.) And finally an environment to log onto that is enjoyable to myself and everyone in the guild but also an environment that is successful

Yes I know what your thinking "Why is this guy writing all this on the forums" well Ill say this, I'm sick and tired of being in guilds that cant function to the standards of the game I want to play, I'm looking for a guild that matches the criteria That I am so desperately wanting back in guilds I join.Thank you for taking the time to read my Guild Search thread, Please leave a response down below if you think your guild is what I'm looking for


Drop me a real-id invite at "senthstormrage@gmail.com", An email at said email address or an In-game mail on the Stormrage US Alliance Side

Thanks again

Id like to stick to alliance but if the opportunity shows itself I am willing to Switch Servers + Faction change
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85 Night Elf Rogue
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85 Night Elf Rogue
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85 Night Elf Rogue
Afternoon Bump
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If your really looking to find a home in a "hardcore" guild there are a few things you should consider doing first.

- Drop skinning and pick up a 2nd true profession, not a gathering one.
- Find a cross realm group to do at least 6/7 H Firelands to try and pick up 2pc t12, shoulders / gloves preferably.
- Make a pve sub spec, looking through a few of your logs there is no reason to ever do Morchok as combat, you can easily put up great numbers using your combat reforge as sub with stage 2 daggers.
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