Where did all the azuremyst PvPers go?

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what happened to azuremyst? I rememeber a lot of pvpers and now they all seem to have dissapeared..this game is dying it seems
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Arena has been pretty bad this expansion. Every other expansion, participation would start low at the start of a new expansion and end up high by the last season. This expansion started out almost as high as S8 (which is pretty impressive considering S8 was insanely long), but has been going down each season instead.

Blizzard failed to deliver on pretty much all of their pvp design goals they pitched to us at Blizzcon, probably what had people so excited and participation so high in S9. Then in S10 they throw in that MMR change mid-season and completely kill the ladders. It just hasn't recovered from that.

We're also on the worst battlegroup, by far. The last time I looked, there were only something like 27 teams over 2200, and 12 or so didn't even have a full three people on them. Then when you consider that most of the top teams are just sitting on their rating because they don't want to lose 22 points to some braindead triple dps, you can pretty much just call the entire top of the ladder dead.

Personally, I'm done with arena for this expansion. One of my 3's partners quit playing over a month ago, haven't done arena since then. I don't see much point in trying to find a new partner either.
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frost mages and rogues with legendaries = balanced
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Don't forget that folks are distracted with MoP beta and D3.
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This is a pve realm.
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04/24/2012 08:14 AMPosted by Insomniium
This is a pve realm.
There used to be a lot of PvPers despite that fact. I remember quite a few teams above 2k, and a few above 2.4k back in wrath and early cata
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Pretty much what Rihard says. There is no balance and people are just dispirited with arena. Its impossible to get anyone above 1800 to queue against and rogue ledgendaries combined with Vial of Shadows prenerf made a lot of people rage quit.
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Good times lol triple healer farming
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Well, all the PvPers had to either go to college or quit Wow.
I ended up doing both.
I haven't been on here in about 4 years but I got curious. Hello all.
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Holy crap it's Kyoshi. Lol.
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rip in piece

I was just playing with them in D3 a few days ago. Minus Dedi, I haven't seen him in awhile.
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