Ner'zhul, good home for Horde?

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Hello people of the Ner'Zhul server.
Recently I've been trying to get back into WoW...with MoP looking pretty decent so far I'm definately trying to set myself up on a better server than the 2 I've been on recently. I'm more of a PvP type of guy. Used to raid hardcore....but the time constraints don't fit into my life for it now.

My first realm I chose back in BC was Gurubashi. The realm was teeming with life back then and it was an amazing server. Guilds of both factions raided cities, took key towns in questing, Had the popular lowbie gankers that everyone loved to hate on both sides, and the community overall was just great. Though, sadly, toward the end of BC we got an influx of Brazilians. Which was fine at first...but many of them would start fights in trade about how Americans were stupid. Many were hard to group with for anything because they spoke no english. Then especially in arena trying to talk on vent to coordinate was a pain.

So, as we bore into Wotlk gurubashi became the haven for brazilian players. More and more started pouring in. At first it was ok...then I guess people just couldn't take it any longer and started xferring off the server. No one particularly close to me, but alot of the guilds that made the realm fun, alot of the people as well started leaving due to the influx of brazilians. So the game started to take a dip in the fun factor for me.

Now, come cataclysm. Server is still alive, just brazilian dominated. Trade is filled with Portuguese, hell I feel like I need to learn the language just to play the game. Most people I know have left, save a few friends. We would just BG and arena together and that was fine for that time. Then, the brazilians got their own servers and ALL transferred there....the server went from medium to high pop at peak low at ALL times. Then people just started quitting the game left and right and server transferring here or there. I hopped on the bandwagon with some friends and move to Darkspear Alliance side...I don't enjoy the alliance but I thought being a werewolf would be fine. We transfer, they quit after 2 weeks....I'm left alone on a overpopulated server, with a bunch of people going there for swifty, and to top it all off I'm on the alliance side.

So, I've made a level 1 to scope your humble server and it seems alive. People trying to form events to go here and there. AH prices aren't out of control. It reminds me of Gurubashi only without the Brazilians.

TL;DR My old server died in cataclysm and arguably in wotlk, it was very fun with alot of interesting people before that. Tried out a different server on alliance side with friends. Friends quit and left me alone on some server in a faction I have no interest for.

Would Ner'zhul be a good place for me? Or shall I continue my search for a new home in Mist of Pandaria?
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Ner'zhul is a pretty decent server, it has a decent community, lots of pugs, couple of events and factions are pretty balanced and has an healthy raiding population of all skill levels. It also has a fairly good amount of low end/casual pvpers.

Only major problem is that most competitive/high rated PvP players left during cataclysm, so even simply pushing for 2200+ is a complete headache and is extremely hard because most people just don't care, are plain not capable of it or simply aren't willing to stay in a team long enough to even have a chance at it.
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