I know this has happened to a lot of us. And if you run WoW on different PC's its hard to keep it consistant. It doesn't matter what RP Add On you use, when you lose the info it's frustrating. So here are some suggestions just in case it happens:

-If you have notepad, word etc. type the info there and save it.
-Screenshot your info and save it.
-Save the info in more than one place like a flash drive, hard drive, etc.
-I also leanearned emailing the info to yourself via yahoo etc. is great since you can save the email and look at it later for reference.

I tend to do the same thing with IC posts, it kinda sucks when you write out something for a while and it gets lost or accidentally deleted because you hit the wrong thing on a forum. Doping collaborative work with other RPers can also make this much easier, since posts get emailed back and forth for edits and the more people involved the easier it is for things to go "poof".