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Some of the members of Traumatic will be hosting a 25m Dragon Soul GDKP starting this coming Wednesday night. Invites will go out around 7:00-7:30 server, with the raid starting between 7:30-8:00. The basic guidelines will be laid out below.

Sunday Night, Invites 7:00-7:30 server. The raid will end tenatively around 11-12 server, depending on the rate of clear, and willingness of the group to continue/call it.

What is a GDKP?

A GDKP is a type of method to handle loot. No one will "roll" on any item that drops, and all items will be auctioned off after each boss. Each Item will be posted by the RaidLeader/LootMaster in /ra or /rw, after the item is linked, bidding for that item will open. We will start with a minimum bid for all items, with a minimum bid increase per "raising" of someones bid. The LootMaster will give it the old fashioned Auctioneer countdown ("going once, going twice, sold!), and the player with the highest bid on the item will win the item. All money collected from gear will be kept track of, and put into a Raid "Pot" that will be split evenly to all participating members at the end of the raid. The more bosses that go down, the more items that get bid off, and the bigger the reward for every person in the raid is at the end of the night.


1. If you submit a false bid during item bidding, it will be considered an actual bid, if you are not prepared to pay the loot master for an item, do not submit a bid into raid chat. Anyone that does happen to submit a false bid, and happens to win, will have to pay that amount to the LootMaster for the item, or that player's portion of the Pot will be revoked, and redistributed to the other 24 players in the raid. The point of a GDKP is to get some gear, make some money, and have a pleasant time in a raid without people making it difficult.

2. After submitting a high bid, and winning an item, you WILL NOT be looted the item until you have traded the LootMaster the appropriate sum of gold. This applies to people both in Traumatic, and not, as to assure that there is no loot ninja'ing, and so that each raider may keep track of the Pot total themselves. If a few people jot down the totals throughout the raid, there is 0 confusion at the end of the raid as to how much gold each player gets.

3. As I mentioned above, this run will be about efficiency, and not progression. The only way your pot can be revoked other than a falsified bid, is by intentionally wiping the raid, being completely unprepared for the encounters (as in knowing the fight, and the mechanics your class has to deal with), and going AFK without notice, or for extended periods of time.

4. If you aren't in full 397+ gear, you will be expected to bid on items pertinent to your class. If you are running each week and do not even bid, your pot could be revoked (on a night where multiple items dropped that you could use, and you didn't bid at all), or your invitation the following week could be ignored. It's a Gold DKP, not a Guild DKP.

5. Mumble will be required, if you're not able to use a voice communication program for current content raiding, you're probably wasting 24 other people's time.

6. Gear and Gold checks will occur near the VP vendor in Org each night to assure that you are contributing both to being able to down the boss, and making the GDKP a successful run. If you aren't geared for Raid Finder, you're not geared enough for this. As for the gold check, I have seen GDKP coordinators require as much as 20-30k to be shown to them in a trade window before being invited to the raid. This amount will not be set in stone, and will be a bit varied, but we will be bringing the people interested in spending money, and not a 380 iLevel toon with 7k gold wanting one to two pieces of gear.


Minimim Bid = 2000 gold
Minimim Bid Increase = 500 gold
When you "raise" someone's bid, you must raise it by the addition of a multiple of 500 gold. This is to keep the math needed to quickly distribute each players portion of the pot at the end of the raid as simple and efficient as possible.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me with any questions in game on Kirranx, Kirranix, or through realID at

Reference the next post in this thread for information on purchasing Gem Clusters.
To bring a character into the raid that's not participating in the GDKP for a Hagara Pickpocket will cost 5000g.


Traumatic is still recruiting for Heroic Dragon Soul clearing, and for Mists of Pandaria content, we are 8/8hm25, and any information could be found by contacting one of our guild members, or visiting
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Contact Kirranx in game for information on purchasing Gem Clusters. I can be found at Kirranx, Kirrax, or Kirranix.
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bump for kirranx <3
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