World RP?

Meandering the various RPPVP realms, I come to a problem. World RP seems to not exist. It seems to be completely centralized in guilds. While this seems like not a big deal, it tends to lose some of the immersion. So my question, does venture Co have open World RP kinda like Moonguard? If not, are there any RPPvP realma out there with world RP?
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90 Dwarf Shaman
No, because even though this is an RP server, people still flame and troll RP'ers to no end. That's generally why RP stays in guild.

Sometimes some people in the RP community hold events, like Tavern Nights and Military Ball type stuff, but you're probably not gonna find a server where you'll be able to just walk around Stormwind and strike up conversation.

Which is quite ironic, considering this is a MMORPG. Over the years, they've tried to take all of the RPG elements out, and replace them with quick, casual, instant gratification.
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There are a handful of places where you can strike it up here--but again it relates to guilds. Just about everytime I've stepped into duskwood I've seen RP (a credit to KoD)--and just about anyone who goes there is at least respectful of it. I would assume there are a few other places Alliance and Horde like this.
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100 Tauren Shaman
There are usually a few tauren sitting about the pond in Thunder Bluff. We are tauren, so don't expect high drama. Our guild is themed as a tauren-only band of fighters and craftsmen, defending Mulgore, while trying to find time for the simpler side of life. So. yeah, we are guilty of our RP being mostly guild-based, but welcome any interaction from our allies within the Horde.

If you are a by-the-book RP'r it may be a little laid back for your tastes, but we make it about as real as talking to a group of Shu'Halo as you are likely to find.
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91 Goblin Rogue
RP/WPVP is alive and well, horde-side. Blacktooth Grin and Thunderhoof Clan (waves at Aovi) thrive and encourage both regularly. Alliance RP/WPVP focused guilds come and go, and as of now, I'm not sure any are still kicking. There are trolls, as there are on any server, but all our fights, when we can stir up enough alliance to make it worth while, are carried out IC, and it's always fun when our opponents conduct themselves similarly.
I would like to challenge the Alliance to get their act together, so that we can bring VeCo back to what it was at the beginning, and have more WPVP epic battles that, win or lose, are fun for everyone involved!
The Grin is ready...bring it on!
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90 Human Warrior
We keep it lively in Duskwood and several other hotspots, Alliance side.

If you want to pst me in game, Alliance side, or one of the above two Horde side, I'm sure they'd fill you in.The RP is there, and we are a good, tight night community here on Veco.
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