Name your top 3 PvP Rivals on Cairne

95 Night Elf Hunter
When you see them in BG's,TB or any other PvP setting goals be damned you just wanna take them apart on sight for whatever reason xD. For myself Tagger,Yooper,Lnzo win or lose just gotta shoot'em on sight in PvP xD
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85 Undead Warrior
It's been a while, and I do know who you're talking about, those 3 are always quite crazy guys, not big on the social by my account.I do have my Rival tho, I always put Drede on the rival list, altho I don't just aim to shoot who I see, I shoots who I can kill, but I see him around and I know that if I don't have backup at my.....back, I'd better think twice before I suicide into the throng of targets.
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85 Human Priest
Pretty much if you see anyone from algorithm of pvp, you know you are in for a good laugh.
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90 Gnome Rogue
Heh, didn't see who posted it, but knew it was someone from my guild when I started seeing the names... obsessed much? :P

And I don't care if I'm posting on the wrong character. They can figure it out real easy
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85 Human Rogue
Probably Yooper, trying to get people killed by the Hellscream guards like a pro for hours at a time.
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90 Human Rogue
Lnzo is on the alliance side now.

Yooper and Tagger are always good for a laugh, but really the whole "shoot you to get my guards chasing you" thing gets boring real fast, I honestly have no idea how they can tolerate it so long.
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100 Draenei Mage
I knew when I clicked on here I would see Tagger. So many times I see his name pop up in the chat for TB. Always make sure to AOE that goober if he drops. You have to make sure he is mega-dead.

Me? I burn healers so...yeah...

I will target Replikant before I do hunters though, because he goes straight for our healers.

On my end I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't make the list of someone in recent times. I tend to really mess up some folks in TB though I've been taking a break from that.
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100 Human Warrior
I don't have any they left over the years : /
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100 Undead Warrior
Drede is 1, unending fight.
I'll edit as I thnk of more.
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100 Goblin Warrior
I target you a lot Elexy if your in slags. I hang out at slags majority of any TB.
I used to target Drede all the time but gave up on him and just started killing those around him since it is easier lol.
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100 Human Warrior
I like to make people earn it lol

That sounded... off....
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90 Undead Warlock
I'd say algorithm of pvp is really good.
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100 Human Warrior
I think one reason people started to target me is because they thought I was Dredge lol

What mad it worse was the fact that I disliked the guy and people would use his name when referring to me.
Edited by Drede on 5/16/2012 2:11 AM PDT
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85 Orc Warlock
old cairne member hur but when I was here i'd always die for a kill on larsus, drede and of course yangus cause he always takes my pizza
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06/21/2012 02:44 PMPosted by Valistraza
anybody in voodoo raiders because i like killing bads.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Right now? Arabs...who despite the fact that he completely out gears this toon, still lost several 1v1's badly in TB. And in spite of the fact that I did not emote, or tea bag him, still decided that he was mister funny guy as he helped 5 v 1 me. Real tough guy.

P.S. Back peddle more dude.
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85 Human Hunter
i agree with val, tho my main target = TAGGER
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