Wednesday (4/25)

90 Dwarf Death Knight
I keep forgetting about the forums! I blame classes. At least it's almost Finals Week...

It's Wednesday, April 25th, 2012. And I wish it was Friday.

[IG] Ehh, urge to PvP has worn off over the weekend. I think. Managed to get some good gear though as well as the Vengeful 2H sword for transmog. I love that sword.

[RL] The weather is unable to make up it's mind. During the weekend I was wearing shorts, and right now I'm wearing sweats. What is the DEAL!? At least there's sunshine.


How are y'all doin' today?
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RL: Work work... 16 more hours to go on this freelance job yippie. Hopefully overtime at the dayjob too >.>

IG: I got dunked like a trash can in TB.

Also, belated /huug's to blue :P
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85 Night Elf Rogue
*sneaky Blue hug and vanish*
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86 Night Elf Priest
Ewwwww, work! Get it off me! Get it off me!


/tar Bite

/tar Sin

> Eilethalua needs a hug.

Razzle-frazzle rogues. (I've had that happen one too many times when people log out as I emote at them, actually. Moreso than rogues going poof.)

Well ... I actually WAS in-game yesterday. Sorta. I logged onto each character on my main account in turn, got their mail and logged out. I think I need to pick one particular focus to work on. Like getting all my 80+ to 85. Or at least the last couple classes I've never yet maxed: hunter (63) and, hmmmm, druid (82). The idea of finishing out professions makes my brain hurt!

Dinner with daughter last night. Those are always interesting. She's reading A Study in Scarlet and Hound of Baskervilles and I'm reading The Return of Sherlock Holmes, so that was one topic of conversation. She finds him an utterly delightful sociopath and scorns the fellow who tried to use Sherlock Holmes as a conversational gambit with her but had obviously never read it and, at best, has seen the movie trailers. Hehe. To think it was near IMPOSSIBLE to get her to read until late middle school when she discovered books she actually liked.

Good morning Sentinels!
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90 Human Warrior
/tar blue

/super warrior squishy type hug

/tar Sin


/tar bite


Been busy with school, an had to pick up one of those "Job" things. No choice, no finanical aid through the summer, an I have 5 Snowmobiles an a truck I need new tags for in july :-(
Been enjoying what time i do have playing. Kinda nice not being E-famous, an able to log in an not having 6 million tells. WrA is ok, the guild is awesome. but they refuse to Raid anything but Old school. I know I could PuG, but it is not the same as Glass chewing with 9 of your guildies an have a grand time.
Well back to studying, have an exam at 7:30am :-(

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