<Nemesis> Horde Social Guild Recruiting!

90 Blood Elf Paladin
Grizzly Hills may be a lightly-populated server, but this social guild is active and engaging! Some of the reasons to join include:
- lively Ventrilo atmosphere
- constant number of toons online for you to partner with when questing or dungeoning
- experienced players who can provide quick and comprehensive advice

We run dungeons and typically run LFR weekly as a guild. We're forming up a DS 10 squad led by former progression-guild officers, but be advised Nemesis is NOT a hardcore, progression guild. It's a fun, social, no-drama atmosphere.

Whisper Cheyyenne, Hodeuce, Ringkin, Gartzak, Zallamor or Senaka for more information and/or an invite!

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100 Blood Elf Hunter
Admiral there be whales!!!! hahaha... This is Senaka broadcasting from thirty thousand feet in the air, maaaan i'm so high right now haha... Neways, for those of you who want a laid back, chilled out atmosphere, you know in your heart of hearts that you want to be Canadian - don't deny it. Everything mentioned above is exactly how it is... especially zero drama.. we will not tolerate kings and queens of drama... troublemakers will be hung for disension and shot for treason.. (doesn't that sound so cool!!) You'll love this guild.. we are a chic mature crowd that knows how to have fun and a good time... no nonsense :) We drink, we argue, and occassionally we fight.. if we were Norse our ancestors would be proud hahaha :) During the day we have a PG rating, during the twilight hours is when the debauchery begins ;) Unfortunately words cannot impart what Nemesis is about, like the Matrix you must experience Nemesis for yourself.. haha.. we are waiting for you :)
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85 Tauren Druid
All that stuff Cerb just said...and some of us PvP for the lulz...especially after drinking.
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54 Goblin Rogue
I can't join, you already have 1000 members. >.<

Seriously though, it seems a little strange for a guild that has 950+ members to be actively recruiting. Pretty soon you'll have to start kicking people every time someone asks for an invite. Just my 2 copper
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85 Tauren Druid
Agreed Sapts, we're in the process of clearing out the chaff, so to speak, to make room for more active members and people who want to help the guild achieve our goals.
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90 Orc Death Knight
Epic Guild :)
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