A new front for the war, more recruits needed

86 Dwarf Death Knight
“This conflict,” the Human held open the flap of his tent, “this is not what we promised our allies.”
“Aye, I know,” the Dwarf nodded as he stepped into his friend’s tent, “but we cannae stand idly by anymore lad.”
“Look at them, Ruryk,” the Human looked back, still at the opening, “they’re battered and wounded, and still they we ask them to follow us into the maws of the Old Gods; and for what?”
“For the oath, Arister,” Ruryk looked over at the map of on the small desk. Much of Dragonblight had changed since Deathwing’s siege at Wyrmrest Temple. There was a long silence as they examined the formations on the map, the ebb and flow of the combat outside was ever changing and the only thing they had come to rely on was their commitment to the oath, and the small band of allies they had recruited into their ranks. “What is it,” the Dwarf found himself breaking the silence, “what is really troubling you?”
“You cannae still be grieving over him, can ye?”
“Don’t mistake grievance for concern old friend,” Arister grabbed a wineskin off the table, “he was a champion of the Light, Ruryk!”
“He made his choice, as you have made yours.”
“Then what’s stopping me from falling for the same temptations?”
“Me,” the Dwarf grinned at him, “and the rest of the Order, of course.”

Outside the troops squared off against the elemental invaders. Alliance and Horde alike took turns gaining and losing ground. A small group huddled around their tents, their Order’s banner weathered and beaten but proudly flowing, theirs had a different emotion emanating from it. Where the other troops were weary from combat, this Order had laughter echoing out of their encampment.

A messenger cut through the resting soldiers making his way for the small band’s encampment. As he arrived two Dwarves met him, a male, Yarrick, bearing a brooch reminiscent of a red dragon wing; and a female, Valerhia, wearing a similar adornment on her cloak.
“Ye seem to be in a rush,” the male rubbed his beard pensively, “what’s yer business here, lad?”
“I bring a message for Ruryk,” the messenger tried to move past the smaller framed Dwarve, but neither would budge, “it is important.”
“Giv’t here,” Yarrick held out his hand, “I’ll see to’t he gets it.”
“This is for him,” the messenger began but was cut off by the female Dwarf.
“You seem t’be mistaken,” Valerhia softly patted the messenger hand, “Yarrick here wasn’t given ye an option, but more of an order.” The male Dwarf nodded, his hand resting on the hilt of his hammer.
“I must pass,” the messenger said loudly, “this is important.”
“Do ya see him,” Yarrick looked back at his counterpart, “raisin’ his voice t’me? I, second born of the Wolfhammer clan, brother t’Ruryk Wolfhammer, son o’ Kjandoz Wolfhammer, kinsman of tha Wildhammer clan, and a shaman of tha Order of tha Dragon, if it were my – “
“You have ta forgive me brother,” Ruryk’s voice echoed in his helmet as he stepped forward past Yarrick, “he likes t’be presentational. What do ya need, stranger?”
“I bring news from the Aspects,” the messenger kneeled before the Dwarves, “they have need of your Order on a different front, m’lord.”
“Well then,” Ruryk looked down at the message then back at his comrades, “it seems we’re goin’ t’be getting’ our hands dirty again.”
“Do we sound tha call, brother?”
“Aye, brother, we’ll be needin’ all tha help we can get.”

((Order of the Dragon is an RP guild focused on getting all we can out of the game, WPVP, Raiding, arenas, and what ever else our members want to accomplish with their time.
Currently 2/8HM in t13 second raid 8/8
Level 24 guild with 7 bank tabs, vent, and a website.
We hold monthly RP events,
Cordeus is our officer in charge of PVP, currently running RBGs and other PVP events weekly
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85 Undead Mage
/bump for RP..KEEPIN IT LIVE
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86 Dwarf Death Knight
As of last night we are 5/8 in t13. That is one dead Ultraxion!
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Thank you to all the guilds that came to the RP event tonight. we are going to keep having them with the hopes of breathing life into Veco Rp again so if you have interest in RP contact the Order of the Dragon.
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86 Dwarf Death Knight
Updated the first post, we are now level 20 and 6/8 for t13.

We are in desperate need of few good mages.
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We will be having another RP event this coming weekend if your guild is interested please contact me for details.
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Another Great week for the Order of the Dragon. we hit lvl 21 as a guild we now have 2 guild raid groups running on thursday/monday and tuesday/wednesday. we are looking for more raiders to start 25 mans.

On the PVP front we joined our allies The Gathering (thanks for the invite) in a killer WPVP match with Blackthooth Grin outside in the Hinterlands. Always a blast fighting you guys.

and for RP we had another excellent festival in Kirthaven with lots of great RP thank you to the guilds that attened this week Knights of Dusk and The Gathering. ohh and thank you BTG for showing up to this to a short pvp skirmish at the end of our event we thought you guys where going to attack in force.
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86 Dwarf Death Knight
The Order of the Dragon is now actively looking for PVPers, we are looking to get active in arenas, and RBGS. We also want to increase our presence in WPVP.
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86 Dwarf Death Knight
Now 7/8 in DS, and came very close to dropping DW last night. Second raid group is working on filling slots. Need some good RDPS(not hunters or boomies)
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86 Dwarf Death Knight
Finally 8/8. Second group is 2/8 still looking for dependable people to flesh it out and form the core team though.
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the Order of the Dragons 2nd raid group is now 4/8 and is looking for some steady DPS to round out the group and should be clearing close to DW before the end of the week.

We are also very close to starting our 25 man raids just need 1 more good healer and some good dps to fill out the last few spots.
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90 Draenei Paladin
Bump for some amazing RPers
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as of this weekend the Order of the Dragon has officially entered RBGs. Thanks to some help from allied guilds (KoD and The Gathering) we were able to get a solid group going for a lot of great fun. i hope next weekend will be the same with tons of horde slaying both in RBGs and WPVP.

As for you RPers looking for a good guild take a look at the Order of the Dragon a growing guild that runs it all from Raids to RBG. feel free to wisper me or any of the members within the Order for more info.
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86 Dwarf Death Knight
“Why are you so stubborn?” The human looked down at the dwarf walking next to him.

“Is tha’ a serious question?” The dwarf’s cold voice was almost hollow, a remnant of his enslavement by the Lich King.

“Ruryk,” the human stopped, “are you sure you are doing this for the right reasons?”

“Arister,” the dwarf looked up at his human friend, “th’Order is growing by the day. The Highlands are safe once more and we have allies we can count on and vice versa.”

“Yes, I know that” the human raised his hand in protest but the old dwarf cut him off.

“This is a step in the right direction, lad.”

“I hope you’re right.” Arister nodded at their dragonkin escorts and they continued on their walk.

They were escorted to a familiar chamber, once a monument to the craftsmanship that designed it; it now lay half ruined by Deathwing’s assault on the spire. The room’s damage was a mirror of the toll the assault was taking on everyone involved. Echoes of the past blurred in and out of reality as the two heroes approached the very same positions they had stood at almost an eternity ago.

“Why have you sought my council?” The lithe night elf woman did not turn to address them. She was looking out over the battlefield, her eyes closed though she could see everything.

“Forgive us, Matron,” Arister stepped forward and knelt before her, “we have come seeking your guidance.”

“And yer blessings,” the dwarf stood behind his human friend.

“I have already given you what you seek,” she turned to look at them, her emerald green eyes softening as the light shined on her face, “what is it you are asking of me?”

“We want t’refocus some o’ our ranks,” the dwarf stepped forward, but was cut off by his human friend.

“What he means, Matron, is that with the defeat of the Black Aspect we have had to reorganize some of our troops.”

“As have we, mortals.”

“Yes, Matron,” the human nodded, “but it was you who withheld your blessing when the Order was forged.” The dwarf nodded as he stepped forward, standing by his friend’s side.

“We know ye dinnae condone violence for any reason but ye ‘ave t’see what we’ve sacrificed for this war.”

“What you have sacrificed?” Her eyes widened, but almost instantly she caught herself, nodding, “we have all lost something, or someone during the Destroyer’s onslaught.”

“We cannot argue that, Matron, but we cannot stand idly by while old grudges and factional differences tear at the fabric of peace.”

“What would you ask of me?” Ysera, the former Green Aspect, stepped forward, approaching them, “what is it your Order needs?”

“The dragons blessed each of our roles, assigning a dragonflight to watch over a specific duty. Your dragonflight is the only one that is not represented.”

“I am aware.”

“We want yer dragonflight to watch over our kin an’ our allies as they fight t’bring peace into the lands.” The dwarf spoke proudly, un-intimidated by the dragon standing before him.

“You talk of peace, but you would use aggression to bring it about, how could I give my blessing for that?”

“Matron, we merely,” the human stepped forward, almost pleading, but she turned away from them, dismissing them.

“I will not give my blessing for more violence. We are done here.”
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86 Dwarf Death Knight
“Wait jus’ a minnit here, lass!”

“Ruryk, you may want to,” again the human tried to diffuse the situation but the dwarf stepped past him.

“We brought down The Destroyer hi’self,” Ruryk folded his arms indignantly, “we’re not askin’ for tha world.”

“Then what are you asking for dwarf?”

“Matron,” Arister held out his hands, “we’re not here to push you into something you clearly don’t want to do.”

“Ye call us heroes,” Ruryk stepped away, “an’ yet ye won’t aid us when we ask for’t?”

“You presume, dwarf,” Ysera wave her hand, pushing both of them away from her, “do not forget your place!” Her two guests were buffeted with wind, knocking them back towards the door. The human whispered a prayer to himself, enveloping himself in The Light and finding a crack in her defense.

“Matron, we’re not asking you for any more than what you have already done.”

“What I have done?” She released her winds, a flare of her dragon form flickering in and out of existence.

“You were chosen to defend the Emerald Dream, that’s no different than what we’re asking to do; we want to defend our world from those that threaten it.”

“You dare to compare my sacred duty with your pittance – “

“We came to you,” Arister cut her off, “we offered ourselves, our allies, our friends; and all for what? We’re trying to defend our world, just like you defend the Dream.”

“You dare?”

“What Arister says is true,” the Dwarf stepped forward next to his friend, “we cannae stand by while t’drums of war beat on; actions demand reactions!”

“Your words are filled with spite, dwarf, I will never give my blessing to a plan fueled by anger and grief. Now, go.”


“I said go, human. We are done here.”

“Come on, Arister,” the dwarf patted the man’s arm, “we did what we could.”

“No.” Arister walked up to the former aspect, removing his armor as he walked up. The plates clanged and clashed on the floor, echoing through the room, but she did not turn to face them. “You speak of spite, Matron, and you may have seen it, but you have not lived it. Not as we have.”

“I have defended The Dream for – “

“I cannot leave here,” the human fearlessly interrupted her, “without your blessing; and not because we want to use it to go gallivanting across the world, but because we want to defend the corners of the world that cannot defend themselves. I owe it to Ruryk for his many sacrifices. I owe it to his brother Yarrick for his sacrifices. I owe it to Valerhia, to Ganorn, to Achyuta, to Strenekh, to Husantii, and to everyone else that takes up our banner; I owe it to every one of them because without them I would be just a man.” He looked back at his diminutive friend and smiled, “it is because of them that I am something more than just a man; and if it is the character of The Order you question, then let me answer for them.”

The room fell silent. The dwarf stood watching them, his hands resting on the hilts of his twin hammers. The human stood beside the great dragon in only his shirt and trousers, stoically awaiting her response. She turned to look at him, her eyes saw him for who he really was, for what he had truly done; and after a long moment she nodded at him.

“Here,” she pulled a single strand of her hair, breathing some of her essence into it, “find someone like yourself, Arister of Lordaeron and Ruryk of The Wildhammer, give them this that they might follow you on your path.”

“Thank you, Matron,” the paladin bowed to her.

“I can never bless or condone any action that would lead to another’s death, I give you this blessing so that you may defend those in need and uphold the tenets of peace throughout the land.” The dragon smiled at him, sadness in her eyes, “now pick up your armor, human, we are done here.”

“Yes, Matron,” Arister bowed once more as he stored away the strand of her hair, “and thank you, for everything.”

- - -

Outside the cold air of Dragonblight bit at their exposed skin, only Arister showed any signs of the temperature, the death knight at his side did not feel the cold air as it whipped past them.

“Tha’ could’ve ended worsely,” the dwarf whistled and his skeletal griffon flew over to him, “yer thoughts, lad?”

“This is going to be difficult,” the human replied as he looked out over the ravaged landscape, “we will have to convene with the council.”

“I’ll make fer Kirthaven an’ begin assemblin’ them, ye coming?”

“I have someone I have to talk to before I leave here, you go on ahead, Ruryk.”

“We will wait fer ye then, lad, handle yer business.” The boney griffon extended its grand leathery wings and they took off to the southeast. Arister held his hand up, a simple wave to his friend, and once he was out of sight made for the upper levels
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86 Dwarf Death Knight
The Order of the Dragon has officially formed the fifth dragonflight, Ysera's Flight will focus strictly on PVP in all its forms. If you are looking for a place to test your skills on all the battle fields in Azeroth and beyond speak with Cordeus, the Elder in charge of the Green Dragonflight.
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86 Dwarf Death Knight
Due to IRL issues a raid spot has opened in our main raid. They run Thursdays, fully clearing DS and are starting to push heroic content. We need a RDPS ideally a warlock to fill the spot. If you are interested contact myself or Yarrick in game.
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87 Human Paladin
While i do support this, I have but one thing to say.

Needs more Kazad Zanvarad.
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