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My fiance and I just recently came back to WoW. Years ago I played on RP server, and really enjoyed it. I been retired for year half or two years now. I had friends end up coming to WoW and transferred off to non roleplay server.

Now I am back... I have discovered though that the server I transferred to has really went downhill in past two years. I know all servers have jerks, silly trade chat, etc etc but this server is worse I ever seen times 100. I been back a week and just am blown away how bad it has gotten.

My question is this... I am looking for good roleplaying server (Horde side). Thought I would ask here see what things were like on this server. I am getting married so money is tight and want to make right choice before shelling out the money to transfer my character(s).

We are in our mid 30s, average players, pretty social, and like casual raiding (roleplay of course). Would like to find a guild of like minded people at very least. Server that had good amount of cool people would be awesome.

So how are things on this server horde side? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Best community I have found in any mmo is Lotro. But good luck! =)
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Pros and Cons?

Pros: This is probably the best and most polite server that's based in New York. (if latency is your thing). There's also a healthy male-female ratio in raiding guilds. (most guys also are relatively chill.) Also, this is a low to medium pop realm. So there are only just enough raiding guilds. If you're competent, you'll be valued on this server. It's easy to make friends (or internet friends) Our trade is actually pretty quiet. Some might call it dead. We do have the occasional trolls who stink at trolling. But then everyone ignores them and nobody runs with them.

Plus, Horde has a lot of young professionals / adults in their 30s. I don't know a single Horde raiding guild that doesn't have at least one married couple.. While stereotypes shouldn't be encouraged, Alliance has a lot more teenagers who think they're cool. Raiding isn't exactly difficult right now. So your options are available though Alliance is a bit more progressed. Probably because they have more people willing to raid four nights a week. (wtf?!)

Cons: We don't roleplay. This is a dead RP server. The RP just stands for "really polite" Horde side. Also our economy isn't that fantastic.
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04/29/2012 08:28 AMPosted by Pensive
Cons: We don't roleplay. This is a dead RP server. The RP just stands for "really polite" Horde side. Also our economy isn't that fantastic.

Not quite so...
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Revyrnn, are you talking about The Wyvern's Tail? That's a great counterpoint. But that's also a big exception!
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I just Xsfered here recently and I have no regrets so far. Been play with friends on this server:)
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