Hey everyone. Just wanted to put a post out here that we are open for recruitment for the first time since BC. We are working to rebuild to our prior numbers and also level the guild. We ran mostly guild hosted pug's back in the BC Era before our core group left the realm for greener pastures and alternate games. We have returned to Trollbane and are working to get ready to start raiding once again. We are recruiting all Classes / Levels and will help with dungeons and quests to assist you in getting geared up to raid with us. So far we are just a small group of friends consisting of 2 tanks and 4 dps with 2 alts that heal. We are also looking for Class Officers and Asst. Raid Leaders.

PST or Mail in Game for more details!
Lightfuri or Lohirnar

p.s. Since I know People will ask...

<Prodigious Insouciants> means <Remarkably Casual>
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