Noob Raiding (Heroic) Question

Just started doing DS 10 last week, (late to the party, I know) but we are having an easy time with it we pretty much one shot everything our first attempts. What I am curious about is if we wanted to try heroic mode fights, would we have to commit to doing the entire raid in heroic mode? Could we choose to only do Morchok on heroic and stick with regular for the rest of the instance if our gear still needed work? Thanks in advance!
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100 Human Paladin
Not at level 1 you can't!

Seriously though, yes you can pick and choose which heroic boss to try and switch back and forth.
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Great! Thanks!

One more question though is how do we actually switch it from normal to heroic?
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100 Troll Druid
Right click on your name plate (Like how you would reset instances) and you can change the difficulty.
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Awesome, thanks!
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90 Night Elf Druid
Just a note, the raid leader needs to have killed Deathwing in order to be able to switch to heroic.

Unless that got changed.
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Thanks for the heads up, Dethwing should be going downtown on Sunday.
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85 Human Warrior
Just a note, the raid leader needs to have killed Deathwing in order to be able to switch to heroic.

Unless that got changed.

I think only the first person to enter the raid must have killed Deathwing, not necessarily the raid leader.

The first time my guild tried heroics, I had downed Deathwing, switched it to heroic. A player who had not downed Deathwing attempted to enter first and got an error referencing his lack of the Deathwing achievement, then someone else entered (not me) who had killed Deathwing. Once he had entered, the other player had no problem entering.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
^ yeah, you were the leader

In ICC it had to be the leader, it was common to get in a kingslayer just for the purposes of setting lootship to heroic (guy invites his friend, you pass lead, friend sets heroic, friend leaves, group kills lootship). Then you get the friend in again to set it back to normal afterwards
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