90 Human Paladin
Soo I know this is probobally asked alot but I was wondering if someone could give me a gauge of where I'm at gearwise you know with enchants/gems and so forth I know I need to get some better pants and shoulders but rng is hating me atm so...yeah anything else would be appreciative
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
Rov, just looked over your gear and you seem to have a really good grasp on what you're doing. Another shielded tank in the stables maybe?

I wouldnt mind healing you ( if it werent for the whole, i'm the good guy, youre the bad guy thing).

Keep up the good work and happy tanking

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90 Tauren Druid
Looks like you're at a reasonable place.

I show you a little shy of CTC cap unbuffed, but using a mastery elixir and mastery food should get you there with a bit to spare (not sure if with enough to spare to use a stam flask instead).

Your priorities should be replacing the legs, enchanting the legs (although I'd use a non-epic leg enchant for the non-epic legs unless gold is no object), enchanting the bracers, and getting blacksmithing up to where you can use your profession perk.

Gemming looks fine, reforging looks fine, enchants that you have are fine, you should be fine in Normal Dragonsoul with competent healers and good cooldown use. (although if you don't enchant those pieces, you'll give bad healers something to gripe about and make it look like you're the problem).
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
You're a tad shy of CTC. You can mastery elixir that, or change a couple hybrids to yellow mastery gems.

Pick up the neck, cloak, and relic VP items. They're best in slot and will essentially put you to CTC. I would also pick up the VP belt, as the only thing better really is a heroic drop off Blackhorn in DS. The bracer VP item isn't a bad choice either, but if you have the gold/mats, get the crafted bracer which is best until heroic Zon'ozz drops his bracer. All of this will help you meet CTC, and probably let you drop double mastery trinkets in favor of a mastery and stam trinkets.

I won't fault you too terribly on Mending on the weapon, but... Windwalk, please. Mending is just sort of lackluster the same way SoInsight is. If memory serves, it's ~800 heals, ~1200 crit heals. (Does make me curious now that I think about it... Mending, Souldrinker, and Insight... eh, nah.) You're also missing bracer enchant. Can't blame you for not enchanting low level blue pants, though, so... work on getting one from HoT so you can put the cruddy enchant on it. ;)

Your talents look good for the most part. Eye for an Eye is more of a pvp talent, however, and could be better spent in Rule of Law. I also take Pursuit and finish Rule of Law off to 3/3, and do 1/2 Hallowed Ground. (Don't need Hallowed Ground, but I like it. Old habits.)

You have two missing minor glyphs. No reason not to have Might or Kings for rebuffing mid-fight.
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