lol -- Old school joke threads are fun!

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I ran across this a minute ago. I made this post a long time ago. Pretty funny. Thought you guys might find it humorous.
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05/02/2012 03:20 AMPosted by Baconsammich
You haven't got suspended since then? Teach me.

I've been on Blizzards naughty list so often that I actually know what they will and will not allow now. My WoW criminal career started back in Classic WoW on my home server Skullcrusher on my first level 60 toon, my hunter.

At first Screamer and I started off with your basic ninja'ing and /trolling with foul language and getting 72 hour suspensions.

Then we moved into the big leagues when we discovered the number one scam of WoW history. (In case you were wondering where the gold trade scams came from... /wave) It happened by accident during a trade as a joke screamer put up all his money in a trade for something I was giving him and I went to hit accept asap and all I saw was trade complete. But I didn't receive the gold.

After that we went on our Bonnie and Clyde scam spree stealing thousands of gold and items worth thousands of gold. It was slow at first but once we built out base gold we were able to make false deals with the higher up items.

Needless to say because of this (and becoming somewhat notorious on our server as hardcore thieves) Blizzard finally too action where they used to not. Back then their rules on scamming was 72 hours ban but they would not refund the items stolen... Until we happened. We got reported and the GM who took the ticket was a tryhard wana be goody two-shoes who not only refunded all the guys stuff but deleted ALL of our gold we had accumulated and baned us from WoW for 72 hours (that's the longest they ban for unless it's perm) Of course that wasn't good enough so after that ban, only a few hours later we were banned again for another 72 hours for being reported for saying the F word in general chat. In fact every minor offense since then was a 72 hour ban.

As it happens; Blizzard came out with new scamming rules shortly after this incident and we transferred servers to Balnazzar leaving our criminal past behind us.

Because of all that I don't particularly enjoy getting banned or suspended w/e. So i'm really careful about the rules. That post isn't trolling and it's not harmful in anyway. It's a joke story. I wont get suspended for that. Unlike on the old forums where if you resurrect a dead post from months ago you got suspended from forums for it... (Trust me, I know...)

Also, it helps when your posts are actually really funny like mine usually are. How can a Blizzard employee suspend me for something I'm sure he's rofl'ing at and sending around the office cuz it's so funny.. I'm just a funny guy.

Actually these forum rules are just extremely softcore compared to the old ones. the Old forums if you even mention that you ever got suspended or banned from game or forums then you'd be suspended... At least that's what happened to me.. I'm not sure if it's because I have so many strikes against me or because those are the actual rules..
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you had your chance to read it, suck if you missed out.
Edited by Dreåmer on 5/2/2012 11:21 PM PDT
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Teacher, tell me whatcha think about this one:

wasn't obvious enough. And QQ threads never get any love because people are to ignorant they can't even "cwatudidthere' like "tanking is hard because dps is so high they pull too much agro" and then saying "DPS is hard because we don't do enough damage and people complain at me for it".

I try to stay away from posts that talk about class performance. I prefer game mechanics similar to the old school "how can i loot a sword from a boar i just killed? Where did he keep it on him? His stomach? He ate a whole sword?!"
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