[RP] The Poetry of Dimetrius

A (in-character) Note From The Author:
Though I often find myself enjoying the poetic world of words, I have yet to keep a diary or make a journal just to pass the time. Certainly I have plenty of parchment filled with notes on magical theory and formulas on certain techniques around my abandoned office in Dalaran, but those are not for my own pleasure other than the reassurance that I can indeed create water without summoning it from somewhere else.

So here is my attempt of a book of poems, each quarter page containing one collection of words with a simple topic in mind stated on the top. These topics have been choosen from different words on a list I found floating through Shattrath. I appologize to the person whom originally had this list, for now I am in possession of it and find it rather facinating to behold.
Without another hesitation, here is the list and the order in which I will try to create poetry.

- Mr. Dimetrius

(( Now available with Audio Recordings! Read each with a recording below or click this link for them all! http://www.youtube.com/user/HouseBrightsinger ))
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( listen here http://youtu.be/uGYhePvfXRs )

We had jumped together,
him and I,
just as I had jumped before with another.
His cloak slowed his fall,
mine was a simple feather.
Together we met the ground with light feet.
It was the same,
but different.
He wasn’t mine,
he isn’t mine.
How I miss my love.

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( Listen here http://youtu.be/OMnmfDOCHyE )

There were once orchards
In this dark forest.
The apples were crisp
and the fragrance fresh.
Now there is nothing
but defeated woods.
We use to play here
in those bright orchards.
We would pick apples
and lie in the grass.
Those were the good days,
Those days are gone.

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(Listen here! http://youtu.be/LqRLzlF6Ba4 )

It started on the window
I had not noticed it at first
but then it moved
so a shadow shown on my desk.
I thought it was the shadow
or that the shadow was it.
Either way, I tried to smash it.
I failed.
It continued to weave it's silver web.

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(( Listen here. http://youtu.be/UIUOUsaTHXg ))

A noble elven woman sits beside me,
Her raven hair tangled from a long night.
I cannot deny her beauty,
But she will continue to deny me.
So we sit in silence,
Enjoying our daily toast and coffee.
I made it today,
Special from Shattrath.
She needs to sober up.

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(( Listening here. http://youtu.be/ojamUU8_zCI ))

It wasn’t me,”
My lover had said,
“I do not do these things!”
He was upset with me again.
I accused him of those things,
Of the evil shadows in the corner.
But it wasn’t him,
I know that now.
It was Sunblade,
It was his curse,
his demonic dark.

- Dimetrius
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94 Blood Elf Rogue
((The idea of the vocal recordings is nice!))
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(( Update! Listen here: http://youtu.be/Fy9-vswmSjo ))

It was like any other day,
But different.
The manor was empty,
Dust covered the mantelpiece.
I could not imagine,
Something wasn’t right.
Here I am,
Tears in my eyes,
as I realize he is gone.
I thought it would be different,
This place is nothing to me but despair.


(( This thread is created by a roleplayer of the Shadow Council community. Dimetri Blaze is a character with a personality different from my own with his own thoughts and history involving Azeroth. If you would like to learn more about Dimetri or would like to schedule a time where our characters can meet, please send me a message in-game. ))
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