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85 Tauren Warrior
Over the last month I’ve come back to wow after a six month break. Everyone I knew who played has stopped, so I’m looking to transfer to an RP server so I can make other in-game friends and to have roleplaying as another reason to keep playing the game. I’m looking for a server with an active community of roleplayers and that’s easy to integrate into once I prove I’m not some creepy pervert looking to ERP. As for what I can bring to a guild, I don’t usually have time for raiding with college these days, but I love to tank dungeons and help gear up your other players and alts to raid.

I have jumped onto many of the RP servers OOC and general channels to ask questions and try to get an idea of their activity but I would hate to judge an entire server on just some of the “kind” responses I’ve received.

Basically what I’m looking for is a server with an active community, as in guilds or people who are on that like to RP, maybe a monthly server RP event, an economy that isn’t insanely out of whack and a server that is welcoming to newcomers.
Thanks for reading and if I sound like a good fit for your server, let me know.
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85 Tauren Warrior
It would be great to have some more Tauren in the Winds of Azeroth. I can't say we've been very active on the role playing side of things lately, but I'm hoping to rekindle that fire with the right people! One thing that has endured for over our five years, we've had friendly, amazing people who are willing to engage in various activities - RP, dungeons, raids, PvP, transmog runs. Feel free to look at our website at www.windsofazeroth.net.

Most of all, if the Winds is not for you, I hope you find a guild that's right for you. Feel free to ask around/look around - there are good guilds out there with various visions. I won't name any particulars because I don't want to limit your search, but check our guild threads on this forum and cenarioncircle.org. Happy hunting!
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100 Gnome Priest
Naturally, I'm biased, but I would love to see you come here to CC! I had similar reasons for moving to an RP server, and I haven't regretted it.

We are an active RP server- just keep checking out this very forum to see just part of what's going on. We're also very welcoming to newcomers, and have frequent open events anyone can participate in. In the past couple of months, there's been the Spring Festival, a fashion show (run by non-RPers, but a good bit of RPing went on anyway), the Wedding of the Century. . . each one of those events was open to the public, and cross-faction, to boot. There was also a bazaar in Stormwind, but that one was obviously Alliance-only. XD

Plus, there's weekly open RP events on each side that anyone is welcomed to join in and get introduced. The Horde has the longest running weekly event, the Da Doctas Clinic in Orgrimmar every Tuesday evening.

There's a couple of threads here, too, about people helping each other run dungeons and raids for fun and transmog gear, so you'll find people to join in on that.

I can't speak much for what our economy is like to other servers.

Rolling an alt and playing on the server for a little bit really is the best way to judge, though.
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Howdy Donehogawa! Sounds like we have a lot in common. Like you, most of my friends left the game not long after cata released. I grew tired of the game without them, so I took a long break myself. After I started playing again, I turned to RP to experience something new before I quit for good. Moved here a few weeks ago after discovering all of the amazing RP stories on the CC forums, and so far I've had nothing but great experiences both in-character and out! Although Im new here, I don't think you'll be disappointed if you choose CC for your new home. *Stamps CC with Kel's personal seal of approval* See? Approved by yours truly! So come on over!
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Welcome to the server! I (semi) recently came to the server too and I found such a welcoming community, it's fantastic! You should check out www.cenarioncircle.org too, it's a great resource for finding out about the various RPers here.

Also there's a sticky on the realm forum here with in-game chat channels, very helpful.
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100 Human Paladin
Welcome, I hope you will roll an alt and play around a bit. Homeland is a fairly active horde rp guild and I'm sure if you contact them they will help you check things out. AAMS has guilds on both sides of the fence.
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