Annual Pass Beta Invite Update

90 Pandaren Hunter
when is the way for the people who recently signed up?
60 Orc Warrior
04/27/2012 03:11 PMPosted by Gurog
Whens the wave for people who signed up recently?

04/27/2012 03:19 PMPosted by Tasteurblood
when is the way for the people who recently signed up?

Let's have the Medic answer that.
Edited by Takash on 4/27/2012 3:27 PM PDT
Okay im a little confused, heres my question

Will some opt-ins get into the beta?

I've heard that some opt-ins got into beta already but will there be any chances for others?
Just want these questions answered because i have been wondering since i heard about MoP.
90 Worgen Druid
I got mine a few days ago trust me guy at the moment ur not missing much the client doesnt even run for 10mins before crashing due a error 132 so b glad u guys rnt getting in right now cuz u cant test much right right now, Just a heads up but what i got to see the graphics r awesome and the new areas r cool
85 Tauren Druid
04/27/2012 03:41 PMPosted by Niix
the whole Beta + AP thing, many people were a victim of false advertising.

90 Worgen Druid
04/27/2012 03:44 PMPosted by Niix
graphics still look 7 years old, bland textures ect.

Its Wow, its based in a fictional world what do u want it to do, look like real life? some people would !@#$% if u hung them with a new rope. the graphics r huge step up from what we have seen in the past. Plus the key thing u r forgetting is its a beta things r missing theres still alot of placeholders for things that arent there yet.
90 Blood Elf Rogue
they should have set up a special customer service option that can handle the Annual Pass issues. Right now there is just no way at all for anyone to get help on any AP issue since they have instructed the normal CS to just give glossed over basic answers.

You can't ask for help from customer service...or ask for help on Facebook because they ignore it....or Twitter because they ignore it.....or here because they ignore where does someone go for help?

Honestly, how hard is it for them to bring up someone's acount and click on "flag for beta access"?

You can call Customer Service, and there's a line specifically for AP users. However, they cannot flag your account.
85 Tauren Druid
Dont worry people that that didn't get your invite your not missing anything right now the servers crash every 2 mins, its a pain in the ***
85 Blood Elf Death Knight
I'm in group two...
I got the annual pass back in November, this is becoming increasingly frustrating.
But thank you for the update.
85 Tauren Warrior
04/27/2012 11:38 AMPosted by Frostshokker
Of course mine (among many others) would fall under 4/20 thus having to wait that much longer... this is complete crap..

q.q watch the tears roll
90 Orc Death Knight
Thank you for the update. Purchased mine after April 18 and was wondering when I would get it.
90 Human Warrior
I purchased AP on the 19th. Rofl.
90 Blood Elf Rogue
Damn i think i got mine on the 18th exactly LOL
55 Worgen Hunter
I'm in group two...
I got the annual pass back in November, this is becoming increasingly frustrating.
But thank you for the update.

Same here, I got my AP in early November but still no invite yet, it is rather frustrating when others who have only signed up recently are getting theirs and we still don't have ours..
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