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65 Goblin Hunter
04/28/2012 11:38 PMPosted by Calvictus
Just a quick tip from a lock: Its not always useless to silence some Melee(Ret Pally, Enh sham, DK). If your out of options cc wise and dont have portal up just "Blanket Silence" as its called when you dont silence to interrupt a cast, and then your free to cast fear or what have you without risk of being silenced yourself.

Rebuke is physical school but ye blanketing dks is pretty useful.
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90 Human Mage
There are different ways to juke a cast than just stop casting. A lot of people won't fall for the quick cast stop technique that used to ruin everyone. Now a little more thought might be required.

For example, as a mage if I want to freecast Frostbolts and there is no reason to have someone poly'd, I'll use my poly knowing full well that it will get CS'd, once that's out of the way I can freecast FB's to build up enough pressure to let my poly cc be effective enough to put the other team behind. Once they are behind you have to actually juke the next interrupt(s) before trying to CC again because you can't risk getting locked out of a CC with the potential to land a kill.

As for locking out other classes, you just have to be aware that they are most likely tracking your interrupt CDs with some form of addon and they will juke until you use it. I've found that the best thing to do is to just keep letting them juke and laugh while they do nothing. Once they eventually figure out that you are going to just let them juke, they'll try to cast because if they don't they will lose do to either a lack of healing, or a lack of caster pressure. And once they start casting passed the middle point of their bar, MOST of the time they will keep going, then you lock them out and ruin their day.

Edit: Over time you will build some awareness and be able to realize which cast the opposing team NEEDS to get off if they are to stay competitive against you; and they will be forced to go through with it, having no time to waste with a juke. I can't really explain it, it basically just comes down to experience but given enough time you will KNOW when they are going to juke and when they aren't.
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85 Undead Death Knight
Wait til the last second to interrupt if possible. and juking is when you try to force the opponent to interupt via, starting a hard cast than canceling it on purpose as to "fake-out" the oppenent into wasting their interrupts, so then you can cast successfully.
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90 Tauren Paladin
Don't interrupt weak casts. Stuff like Holy Light doesn't heal for much at all and it's usually an interrupt bait to try and get you to waste your interrupt.

If you're juked, try using some other instant cast CCs to prevent casts. I often use Repentance and Hammer of Justice to interrupt powerful casts like Penance and Divine Light when rebuke is on CD or I can't get into melee range. (Like when being constantly slowed by, say, a Frost Mage.)

I also keybind my interrupt to an easy to reach key, as a successful interrupt can often be the difference between a win and a loss.
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85 Human Rogue
I've had years of experience with kicks, it's all in your head..if you sit on a healer and visualize the way they juke, you can counter-act their casts...
For example.. They will fake first cast, quick fake the second cast, this is when they try and play a mind game to see if you're gonna go for the second cast (which is what most people fall for). What I do is not kick at all.. because they want to see if you kick the first or second or third.. This confuses most players. When you see people just casting in your face for a reason, this is when they know you're out to kick the second or third or just kick at random times. This is where you counter-act their casts.

It's just like a UFC fight..Fighters try and feel out their fighting-style to get a better feel of what they should do at certain situations.

It's fun to mix your kicks up, kicking the second or third cast, and then switch the first..it's very tricky technique.

-Dominoz represent

(I'm sure someone has a similar post from what I said. It's the technique that I admire about my playstyle that helps me rarely ever miss kicks).
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Keybind your Stomeclaw totem to C and and Wind Shear to the middle mouse button
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On the topic of AVOIDING being interrupted, let's say you're on a druid and you need to cast Cyclone or a heal, but you know they might interrupt you. One thing you can do is cast an arcane spell - such as Starfire - and let them interrupt you. By doing this, you can cast out of the school of magic you need (nature) without fear of being interrupted.

WoW this is great idea. I just started healing in arena and BGs for Guild (GO ARC). Never though about the different schools of magic. I could cast Wraith, juke, then healz. Thanks Faraday.
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90 Night Elf Priest
juking, tis something to try and master

crappy thing about juking tho

good people will wait until the last possible second to interrupt you so you spend the most time doing nothing, which is usually about where i stop my cast in hoping to waste their interrupt

bad people will interrupt immediately and screw me over lol

Yep. Different people have different interrupt styles. Really good players will not take the bait when I try to fake-cast just to get them to waste an interrupt. They'll wait until they know I need to get the cast off, then kick it at the very end.

What's worse is successfully juking doesn't mean much really. Juke a kick, pummel, or mind freeze? Enjoy the kidney, gouge, throw down, charge stun, death grip, or strang that will stop it anyways.

Not sure if it was mentioned yet, but the addon InterruptBar is amazing for helping you identify when you've successfully juked.
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85 Gnome Rogue
In my opinion, it would be to interupt at a certain time only. What I woulld do is stun him when the person is at 20%, then pop any CD's left, and if the stun breaks intereupt anything cause ot still has to recharge from the interupt. Hope it works for you guyes
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90 Goblin Hunter
The important thing to remember is a lot of classes have abilities that can act as an interrupt for a healer or just general annoyance if you up against a dps caster. For hunters scatter shot will buy you some extra time if you are burning down a healer, as well the pet monkey ability bad manner which is pretty much the rogue blind.

If I am going up against a dps I wont hesitate to use my interrupt defensively to lockout the caster. Then scatter shot another cast and you can also feign death and it will force them to cancel their cast. Hunters have a lot of tools when being focused on by an enemy caster.

I also don't use my interrupt until I know it is needed. No point in interrupting when they are healing someone at 80% who isn't under serious pressure. Save your silence/lockout for when you are prepared to burn the person. Mages are awesome for this with their 7 second lockout, most overpowered never talked about thing in the game.
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
By juking im pretty sure they mean fake casting. Its where you cast a spell partially, then move to stop the spell before it finishes. This usually makes your enemy waste his interrupt. Then you can cast freely for a few seconds! (unless they have stuns)
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
Another good way to get someone to waste their interrupt is to make them use it on a different school of magic. Ex: On my priest ill cast a few shadow spells and hopefully he'll interrupt one. Then im free to cast healing spells while his interrupt is on CD. This works sometimes, but usually a good player knows not to interrupt something in my shadow tree because its not worth putting your interrupt on cool down.
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85 Worgen Rogue
Juking=fake casting
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90 Human Priest
You are all way off on your ideas of what juking is. Juking is goin out to a bar or club and dancing to the music from the "Jukebox"...i.e "Let's get all dilly dallied up and go out juking!"

Silly gamers!
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5 Troll Warrior
04/29/2012 06:32 AMPosted by Miritai
On the topic of AVOIDING being interrupted, let's say you're on a druid and you need to cast Cyclone or a heal, but you know they might interrupt you. One thing you can do is cast an arcane spell - such as Starfire - and let them interrupt you. By doing this, you can cast out of the school of magic you need (nature) without fear of being interrupted.

WoW this is great idea. I just started healing in arena and BGs for Guild (GO ARC). Never though about the different schools of magic. I could cast Wraith, juke, then healz. Thanks Faraday.

Nope. Wrath is Nature, the same spell school as your healing spells. As a resto druid you have nothing useful you can cast to try to bait an interrupt in the wrong school. Starfire is junk and only terrible players will interrupt it.
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90 Night Elf Rogue
The number one thing I can recommend to melee seeking to land more interrupts is a flawless connection, or at least a better one than your opponent :/
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Interupts need to be coordinated between dps when possible in arena. In RBGS it doesn't matter everyone is running spell cleave and its broken and there is no fix coming for it so meh. People will juke you consistently every time at a certain point.

If your melee and don't have a 50ms or less connection re-roll because your next to worthless in arena.
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My interrupts are hot keyed. I know just where they are, and I usually try to wait for an opposing caster to be casting a 'biggy' before I use it. Stop a big heal hurts an opposing priest or Shaman more than they think.Against melee is it always a problem, because I need to stun them just to get a cast off.

DK's I found are actually easy, they do death grip, and I do Shadow Fury, and the DK has just blown his best interrupt.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
Vary your use of instants and hard cast heals. Never fake cast the same heal. Predictability will get you shut down very quickly. As said previously, the scariest opponents are the ones that have the opportunities to interrupt, but do not.

If you find yourself incapable of interrupting effectively, "blanket silencing" your target when they are nearly dead and have no way out (trinket or immunity for example) will almost definitely secure a kill.
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89 Dwarf Paladin
What's the best way to tell when they are casting? How do you have your interface set up?
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