Rotational Habits is recruiting hpal for core rbg team (majority of team has been running regularly for 10 months now 2x/wk) and another team is currently getting started now needs all. Guild longview is to have each team serve as alternates for each other so when real life drags us afk, we have competent geared players in-house ready to step in and we can avoid the whole trade pugging nonsense.
We're semi-hardcore. We want 2200, but aren't going to nerdrage when we lose...more interested in having reliable regular games with same people to build upon last weeks success/ learn from our mistakes. Most of us treat it like 'league bowling night' w/ the boys. We're all cata geared, chanted, and epic gemmed, and you should be too.
Welcome to join guild if your not geared to the teeth for premades and arenas; but rbg spots are for the serious pvp'ers who have already done their legwork for application

Also toying with idea of starting DS10 team since some trinkets/weapons are best-in-slot for if your a hybrid player and not just pvp, you can join us and enjoy lvl25 perks and claim raid core spot