anyone try Tera yet?

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05/03/2012 04:08 PMPosted by Dualasm
Pedo Tekken shouldn't even have a sub fee to begin with.

Heh heh, Pedo Tekken. I like TERA and all (although I do find the Elin disturbing, and I'm not comfortable sharing a planet with the creepy community that has sprung up around them), but that's pretty funny.
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05/03/2012 06:30 PMPosted by Doraume
lol tera does not even have a server status page the game has been out for over a year in asia yet the version they released to the rest of the world has no server status update page. <-- What's this? Big link to it right on the front page.
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Tera is surprisingly not grindy, compared to even the less grindy Korean games like Aion.

The design difference does show, as I understand it was more of a grind in the Korean version, and so things like level differences between players and mobs took on a greater role - being 2 levels higher significantly increases the damage you do to them and greatly reduces the damage they do in return. When getting those couple levels was a big deal, the difference in character performance was an important aspect of leveling.

Now? People are already pushing 60 (which includes the open beta time and head start), and most of my guildmates find that just doing most of the quests leaves them a level or two higher than the area they are in. Leveling pace feels pretty much like WoW does now, to be honest.

Good, that means info about Tera's endgame should be coming out before too long. Just watching players solo BAMs looks about as fun as soloing fire giants in the Firelands dailies =\

I'm pretty burned out on the linear fetch/kill count quest model until at least MoP. And the pvp videos I've seen consist largely of Korean women taking turns in a screaming contest while running around in circles. I just haven't seen anything from Tera that grabs me.

05/03/2012 06:40 PMPosted by Sauronbaine
EA only has really bad rep with the MMO market. They do just fine with the madden sports, and other games. Pretty much Activsion has a pretty decent time in MMO's but even WoW stinks.

EA has carried a terrible reputation long before their MMO attempts. They have a terrible reputation for buying out and cannibalizing companies, and churning out games like Madden which for years the only significant changes (from box to box) were the rosters. The kerfuffles involved with Bioware have only inflamed a very vocal (anti)fanbase.
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I'm enjoying the game. It's an excellent change of pace from WoW and LoL. Lots of fun, has kept me very interested.

Oh by the way, you are hillarious. Calling the game a pedo game. Seriously? So according to you playing the game makes me a pedo but the only thing that doesn't is actually wanting to harass children? You need a glass belly button because obviously you have your head shoved so far up your rear you can't see what the rest of the world is doing.
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The Elin are creepy pedo bait. That said, the rest of the game is gorgeous. The character models (minus Elin) are lovely and the armor is amazingly detailed. The combat is fun. However, the game lacks substance. It's basically a traditional mmo like WoW only with a shiny different combat system. The boring leveling is still there and feels so very sluggish to me. BAMs make things kind of interesting at first, but then even that becomes grind. They really need more low level dungeons to help pass the time.

Also, this is not a game for raiders. There are no raids in Tera. They have 5 mans. They will have these Nexus events that are similar to rifts in Rift. That's the closest thing you'll have to a raid. And apparently from those who have hit 60 already, they haven't seen any signs of Nexus at all yet. Not sure if it's just not implemented or if it's simply because there aren't enough people around. Hopefully the latter.

I'm playing Tera and passing the time on it. But I honestly don't know how long it will keep me interested. I suppose it would have helped if my bf had not cancelled his preorder. It's better to play with someone. I should find a guild I suppose....
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I guess i'm not creeped out by the characters themselves so much as who is probably the majority of people playing them (ie adult men) and why.
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oh wow. Is it that bad end game? ha.

Hows the PvP?

Depends on what you're looking for. For a more casual player the pve end game at this time might be fine. But anyone expecting to jump in this game and be a hardcore raider is going to be horribly disappointed.

Haven't tried too much PvP, but apparently the PVP servers are much more populated than the PVE ones. I have a feeling this game is going to end up being more about pvp in the end.
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05/03/2012 06:30 PMPosted by Doraume
lol tera does not even have a server status page the game has been out for over a year in asia yet the version they released to the rest of the world has no server status update page.

Yes, it does, and did the day of release. I was using it that day.

Next time, try actually looking.
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Yup, it's been out for a while now. Valley of Titans is by far the most populated server. Seemed Jagged Coast has caught up. They recently added another pvp server to try to take the pressure off the queues from those servers. Dragonfall seems to be the most populated PVE server, but I've noticed the population has dropped off a bit already. It used to run HIGH pop, now it's just medium. Like I said, pvp servers seem way more popular....
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