PC Crash Radeon 7970

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Ever since the 12.4 driver came out, it would lock up randomly. Same with 12.6 and now 12.8. I've gone back to the original 7970 driver back in January whenever a new driver would lock up on me. Now I'm trying out the newest 12.8 with dx9 instead of dx11 like a few have suggested.
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Me and a guildmate both have 7970s and are having the same problem, gunna try the 'run it in dx9 and take the performance hit' suggestion. Some update by blizzard would be nice.
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You sir have one beast of a computer. However, this might be unrelated and this also could be useless as i'v only gotten past the first page. However it's more then likely something to do with the patch. I'v had these same issues *Alot less frequently then you.*, but they're still there.

Have you checked your secondary login on your services, if this is an issue with blizzards new install shield agent.exe then this in most cases will solve it.

I'm just sharing information that i'v found to fix this issue for me. =-D
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I've been having this problems since the release of firelands and still have it to this day (computer randomly freezes up and needs to be restarted.) I have even had my powercolor hd7970 replaced by the company and it still does this......but only on DX 11. Not sure about everyone else but my specs are as follows:

i7 950 cpu
asus p6t deluxe v2 mobo
powercolor hd7970 gpu
6gb corsair xms3 memory
kingwin mach1 1220w psu
razer barracuda ac-1 soundcard
Currently using an LG 32lh40 tv as my display. My drivers and all are up to date. I hope someone figures this out finally.
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I haven't had a lockup since moving to only one display (almost a month ago). I'm also using the 12.2 (or 3, can't remember) version of the drivers with DX9.

Previously i was using two displays, one DVI, the other using the mini-dvi connection. I disabled the mini-dvi connection, and i believe that it solved my problem.
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I sent my GB 7970 card back to them in hopes that it is some kind of h/w defect. It'll be interesting to see what happens if I get a replacement card.

If it still reproduces (with a new card) then I'll just likely buy a LGA1155 motherboard and CPU. My current system is similar to your system Ravus except that I have 12GB RAM.

PS. I've been running for about two weeks now with my old Asus Radeon 5870 and haven't had ONE lock-up!
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100 Dwarf Paladin
I seem to be having the same issue with ATI. I moved to DX 9 (from 11) and already had the High Def Audio disabled.

So far, this seems to be fixing the issue. So, just another Me Too post.
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HIS 7970 3gb card and same issue, system locks (only happens in WoW). Other games run fine, happens randomly in WoW.

Read somewhere that going into the catalyst control center and forcing the card to run in 2x AA fixes the issue. Tried that and played 3 hrs without system locking. Using the newest drivers and DX11.

Dunno if I'm just being lucky or this is a "fix", either way I didn't buy a top end video card to run games in 2x AA... so hopefully something will get done about this.

EDIT: So I had a crash again right before MoP release, The 2x AA isn't a fix.
I've swapped down to DX9 with latest drivers and haven't had a crash since (played a good 6hrs straight in MoP)
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90 Orc Warrior
same thing with me and my 7970. i though i was alone till i say all u guyz
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85 Undead Warlock
This problem has been occurring for quite a while now, hopefully it'll get fixed soon because now it's getting to the point where newer games aren't supporting the 12.1 (where wow doesn't crash) meaning most newer games that are not wow will crash unless you update it to 12.6+ (where wow will crash).

How much did I pay for this thing again? >.<
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100 Tauren Warrior
This really is getting old and needs to be fixed. It ONLY happens in WoW and ONLY with DX11.

I agree with Nazam, I payed way the heck too much for this card to not be able to use it to its full potential. It would be nice if they at least placated us with a "We are working on it." before releasing a new expansion.

Acts the same with 1, 2, or 3 monitors hooked up, as well as using HDMI or DVI (tried all combos)
i7 965 Extreme
EVGA Classified x58 MB
24GB GSkill Ripjaws DDR3
Sapphire HD7970
Tagan 1000 watt PSU
Windows 8 (same kernel as 7, don't bother telling me that's the problem)
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100 Dwarf Paladin
Xaviur seems to have a good workaround, at least for me.

Using DX9 seemed to work as well, but I think it looks better in DX11 even with only 2x.
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90 Pandaren Warrior
still waiting on a fix for this, game crashes with dx11
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100 Tauren Druid
Gigabyte is sending a card back to me and it'll be here Tuesday. Unfortunately, they didn't bother to tell me if it's a new card, my old one or what... so I'll post more info on Tuesday. (Just in time for MoP...)
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90 Pandaren Rogue
@kitty sorry to say, but im pretty sure that the replacement will do the same thing. I am also 100% positive that hardlocks on this video card will not occur under DX9 like they do on DX11.

My card was sent in for an RMA and replaced with a brand new one. This problem either has something to do with the drivers or the WoW client IMO. I wish we could get some insight on this or at least some form of acknowledgement from blizzard. I'd sure hate for everyone to be sitting here in DX9 ugliness with their $500 video cards and no one even trying to resolve the problem.
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Contrary to popular belief, there's no visual benefit to the DX11 client - they're visually identical.

The only benefit is that Windows Vista/7 users should see a small increase in performance by using DX11 mode, simply because it runs natively. Though DX9 still works perfectly under those OSs, it's essentially emulated via DX11 creating additional overhead (both in performance and resources).
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100 Tauren Druid
I received my old card back from Gigabyte with no explanations or anything. What terrible customer service. No more Gigabyte products for me in the near future!

Question -- how are you guys connecting your monitors? I'm using Displayport into a DP-Mini adapter into the 7970 card. For grins, I removed my 2nd DVI monitor and went to HDMI on the main monitor.

I was able to play MoP for an hour without any lockup. (I had a lockup just after midnight...)

So... to reiterate: I was using HDMI to my Dell 27" LCD screen and that was it. No secondary monitor and no DP. My resolution was dropped to 1920x1080 (instead of the usual 2560x1xxx resolution) due to the HDMI connection.
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90 Pandaren Rogue
Contrary to popular belief, there's no visual benefit to the DX11 client - they're visually identical.

The only benefit is that Windows Vista/7 users should see a small increase in performance by using DX11 mode, simply because it runs natively. Though DX9 still works perfectly under those OSs, it's essentially emulated via DX11 creating additional overhead (both in performance and resources).

When I play my game in dx9 all the mountains have little white pixelations/jaggies all around them and water in most areas are non-reflective etc, giving it the dull vanilla look. I also do notice the game just basically doesn't run as well as its dx11 counterpart. I basically have to choose between pretty/smooth/crashing or functional/dull. To me its about getting what one paid for and in this case i'm not..

video cards sound is disabled and now using a dvi instead of hdmi. still seems to be crashing
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90 Human Warlock
There seem to be 12.9 Beta driver available now as of 9/26. Anyone tried it to see if the issue been resolved on Dx 11?
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Was having the same issue. (Computer freezes, image remains on screen frozen. Any sound playing goes on repeat, like a buzzing sound. Have to shutdown computer with the button and restart) the issues occurred while doing all sorts of things but seemingly more common during graphics intensive things like raiding. It has also happened while just questing.

Tried the following:
  • Complete driver uninstall with ATIman uninstaller and reinstall driver (as suggested on another forum)
  • Switch to direct X 9
  • Turn down graphics settings
  • Turn off surround sound driver
  • Install Beta Driver
  • None of the above worked.

    My solution:

    I returned the card to the store and got an Nvidia GTX660Ti. I will report back and let you guys know how my experience goes with Nvidia drivers.
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