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We've all heard funny sayings, statements, and quotes. I'm curious as to other people's imagination and creativity to see what they've come up with or something ya'll have heard before. I'll start with a couple I've heard recently.


  • I'm not saying she's fat but if I were to count the 5 fattest people I know she'd be 3 of them.
  • I'm not saying she's stupid but when I asked her to spell "Mississippi" she asked "The river or the state?"
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A dwarf goes into a bar one Friday night, orders four beers, downs them and then leaves. This repeats every Friday for a few weeks until one week, the bartender says, "Hey, you've been coming in here every Friday night for the last few weeks. You always order four beers, drink them and leave. What's up with that?"
"Well," replies the dwarf, "I have three brothers, see. Every Friday night we used to share a beer together. These days, my brothers are away travelling, so I drink a beer in their stead."
A few more weeks go by, then one Friday night, the dwarf orders just three beers.
"Oh no!" says the bartender. "Did something happen to one your brothers?"
"Nah," respond the dwarf, "I quit drinking."
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A Forsaken walks into a brain shop, and says to the vendor, "Hello. I've got a hankerin' for human brains. What do you have in stock?"

"Well," propriator began, "We have some priest brains at 10 gold a pound. We also have a few warlock brains going for about 100 gold a pound. And, just in today, we have some fresh mage brains."

"How much are they?" the Forsaken asked.

"One thousand gold a pound."

"Wow! Why are they so expensive? Are they really high quality?"

"Well, no, they're about average. But, do you know how many mages you have to kill to get a pound of brains?"

edit: Sorry, derailed into a joke thread. Funny thought to redeem myself:
You can feed a lot of squirrels into the bank's pneumatic drive-up tubes before the teller finds the shut-off switch.
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Ah jokes are fine too; both of them are funny as well as the squirrels comment. :)

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