Dear Lollipop Guild, Do You Still Exist?

85 Night Elf Hunter
Dear Lollipop Guild: Do you still exist? If so, are there any original members left who might remember Halen, originally a Vah Shir Beastlord who came over with you from the desolate, unsupported backwater of EQ-Mac on that long-ago Day One of WoW? You know, after we all laughed our heads off about the ridiculous big-eared Night Elf revealed in the WoW Beta and seriously debated whether we would leave EQ for something so cartoony? And then bum-rushed WoW, made loads of Night Elves and never mentioned the ears again? Good times, good times.

Long story long, I moved servers to Kargath shortly after the game began to play in a guild with some real-world acquaintances, all of whom ended up splitting about a year later for other games. Life happened, and I ended up a fairly casual player in a very small guild because, of course, realm transfers didn't exist years ago. I was stuck and some of you are probably old enough to remember when leveling was so incredibly hard most of us avoided starting over again if we could help it. Also, turn down that blasted rock and roll and get off my lawn!

Anyway, realm transfers exist now. I've been in and out of game over the past few years, never more than a casual gamer with no interest in hardcore raiding, but it's a lonely business. And, frankly, I find myself missing the camaraderie of a grown-up guild of good cheer, and I have always remembered The Lollipop Guild for that.

So, do you exist? If so, do you accept new members? I have several 85s and others of lower level, as does the husband that I picked up and introduced (fine, addicted) to WoW since I left you. I'm not an incompetent noob, but I am also not an experienced or well-geared raider. I do have an unending supply of historical, literary and pop culture references and will likely get yours, so that's something.

Anybody out there?
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100 Human Paladin
Wow, I remember the Lollipop Guild, It has been so long since I have seen anyone from them.

I was never a part of Lollipop Guild, but I have been on alleria since the game came out.
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100 Human Paladin
According to the armory, "The Lollipop Guild" does in fact still exist. Level 25 guild 518 members
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80 Night Elf Rogue
i see there is more than one :D
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90 Night Elf Mage
I see some Lollipoppers running around from time to time.
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88 Dwarf Warrior
Some of us are still around. This was my original toon back in vanilla. I wonder if i can Ol Aggieelf to show his face, or good ol Greymommy
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100 Gnome Warlock
Spotted some today and yesterday. Same Lollipop guild from EQ?
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100 Human Mage
none lollipopper here, but old azgardian and tranquility member from way back.
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100 Human Paladin
Hello Halen:

I am a current member and officer of The Lollipop Guild and I think this is the guild your looking for. Some of the older members and officers always talk about their time in EQ. I will direct them to this post and see if we can get you reunited!

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100 Night Elf Priest
Hail Halen! It is indeed us. Since Day one! Lots of new faces of course, just like Shield of Norrath became Shield of Azeroth and DC became Emerald Dream on Alleria. Fun stuff. Some old names you will remember perhaps: Bendix is here as Bendix, Mahlkier as Mahlkier, Sheriam changed to Luxe, Snuffy is still Snuffy, and Rurish is still Rurish. Widger puts his head in fairly often, but his EQ name escapes me. Come join the fun again! We are adult, casual attitude but we clear raiding content too, just a few months behind the 13 year olds :P.
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100 Pandaren Monk
Halen, how are you? What was your main EQ's toon name? Geobuk, by chance?
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