Hide and Seek Not For the Meek[A-H RP]

90 Gnome Rogue
Their search had proved futile, they scoured the Undercity but found no trace of the eagle banner crest nor of the documents that Genevra had alluded to. The Gnome cursed as the Horde forces descended upon them, surrounding them in the magic quarter. Were they close? Is that why they showed up? More questions and fewer answers. "Damned tall ones and their problems." She rued the day she'd taken service with Genevra Stoneheardt, and relished the fact that Sathrasa had not killed her when Sprocketeer hired her to do so. But these were asides, asides that the Gnome could not forget.

When she stumbled upon the emissary from the AAMS, Sprocketeer knew what she had to do. Diplomacy, the word did not sit well on her tongue but she was oath bound and would not be called oath breaker.


"Oi Gnomie!" She spied one of the AAMS.

Derscha responded, " Yes?"

"You wear the tabard of those messengers, you can pass on a message for me can you not?"

"Certainly I can!"

"Even to those on the other side?"

Derscha grins. "When we say 'Anywhere', we mean it!"

Sprocketeer nodded, and fixed her with an appraising look, "And it will remain confidential?"

"Our business would suffer greatly if we didn't know how to keep a secret."

"Sometimes I don't even know what I'm sending!" Derscha giggles.

" Very well then. Are you ready to take down the note?"

Derscha pulls out her notebook. "Always."

She began tentatively, " I am unsure if the intended is the right one but my reports indicate that it is, so should the recipient be ignorant of the events and or lack understanding the message I need to know."

"From The Sprocketeer, Seeker of Conclave to one tall one, a blood elf, I believe by the name of Arothand, either way he bore the tabard of the Razortalons. So if not him then some blood elf of note we both know, that like cogs they all look the same."

Derscha begins jotting notes.

Sprocketeer spoke in an official manor, an oddity for the gnome. " I appreciate your hospitality and call to action while we searched within the fallen city of Lordaeron for documents lost, and would extend the courtesy to you to ensure that we are better able to accomplish our goals," she looked up to see Derscha continuing her notes.

"Our quarrel is neither with you nor with the Horde, we are seeking some documents lost within the depths of the great city that once belonged to the House of Anoron and the House of Lawson. Any aid in relocating these documents would prevent any further perceived trespass.

" I wish to be notified at once upon the delivery of the message and any response... what is the cost of such a thing?"

Derscha looked hesitant, "Hmm, cross-faction message, plus receipt tracking... A couple of gold ought to cover that."

"It is of great urgency."

The Gnome woman looked down at her companion Clucky, the mechanical chicken, "We need to find that Rabbit of Auchtin and it's owner, we have use of them." The chicken only clucked.
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((Well that's not very confidential!))
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90 Gnome Rogue
(Sprocketeer is very contradictory, even to herself)
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100 Goblin Shaman
Kezrin sat on the stump not far from the flightmaster's post in Hearthglen. It seemed a comfortable place to sit.

Being by the flight point meant she got to see a lot of the comings and going from Hearthglen, although few people looked her way. The only person she'd even talked to was the one fellow dressed in white... an AAMS courier, who seemed to recognize her. He was on an urgent delivery for someone named Arothand, and was disappointed she didn't know where he was. She didn't even recall who he was.

"You're a courier, right? Going to be here a while? Here, if you see him, give him this message-" He rapidly read the message off a piece of paper before she could protest that no, she was not a courier. Not right now, at any rate. "That's confidential, don't tell anyone not AAMS. Gotta go. Backed up with stuff lately, seems really busy."

Needless to say, she wasn't very impressed. She hoped that wasn't the quality of all the couriers. She wondered what had happened in past year that made her sign up with the company, before she'd lost her memory.

She watched the flights for the rest of the evening, before she became too restless. She decided to do more exploring of Hearthglen, and just wandered the streets. They were mostly filled with people in Argent Crusade tabards, although she saw a few people in one area who wore a different a standard... the Pia Presidium? She decided to avoid them, as she didn't know their stance on goblins, and she wasn't wearing the white uniform Myzzi had shown her.

There wasn't any way to avoid missing the tattooed elf standing on the steps of one of the towers, fussing with a pirate's hat. She stopped and stared at him. He was dressed like a pirate, which seemed out of place, with no tabard. "Evenin', courier. Business with th' 'Talons?"

Oh! He knew who she was? A brief conversation later confirmed that he was the Arothand the AAMS courier had been looking for. She might as well give him the message. He seemed to know something of what it was about, although he had no idea what documents where referred to, or anything about the Houses mentioned. He gave her message to send in return; she promised to give it to Myzzi, as she didn't really trust the courier who'd been by earlier.

"Y' can tell 'em tha' I have no clue who or what they're talkin' 'bout, an' it only becomes m'business when they're snoopin' 'round m'city. But if gettin' them some articles that are of no importance to th' Horde keeps 'em out of our territories, so be it. An'.. hm. Y'can also tell 'em that if it -is- somethin' important, they'll have t' look elsewhere, as m'not about t' go workin' against th' Horde, though as a member of th' Argent Crusade I see no reason not t' work for neutrality. Or somethin'."

He paused. "Y'can probably leave out th' 'or somethin'."

"Err.. I'll try. Doesn't always work that way, but it has to go through a translator, anyway... they can leave it out."

She was rather happy that her memory seemed to be working fine for anything new... not a twinge of a headache bothered her as she memorized the return message.

He asked about how she and her sister were doing, and went as far as to give her cupcake for her troubles. Kezrin was proud to learn that Myzzi was rather respected among the people in Heathglen... she'd gained the reputation of reliable courier. They said farewell, and Kezrin nibbled on the cupcake thoughtfully. Maybe being a courier wasn't so strange an idea after all.
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