<Subject for Change> Is Reforming/Recruiting!

<Subject For Change> - Shadow Council Alliance US

We reformed a new guild from many 11/12 HM guilds to push for LoD with the proper leadership.

Guild Explanation:
Subject For Change is ran by very capable officers who have experience with 11/12 heroic 25 ICC, Insanity ToGC, and Ulduar Yogg + 0. Many of our founding members are raiders that came from guilds ranked top 25 in the world. We formed this guild under a mutual decision to take raiding more casualy but still remain in a competitive and friendly raiding atmosphere. On the contrary to PvE , we house many PvPers who play from Duelist to Gladiator skill level of arenas. We are here to push progression while not raiding 5 days a week, and to create a social environment where people can have fun, wether managing to push content, or banging our heads on a tough boss fight. We are like no other guild this server will ever see, Subject For Change is here.

Raid Schedule:
| Tuesday 5:00-10:00 PM ST | Thursday 5:00-10:00 PM ST | Sunday 5:00-10:00 PM ST |

Loot Distribution:
Our loot distribution is a form of loot council. Our "Role Leader" ranks will designate loot in their jurisdiction based on many factors including: performance, attendance, seniority, amount of loot recieved, and many other things. Tier will be distributed by the guild master.
Example: Plate DPS Gloves drop. Melee Role Lead decides who gets the item.

Raid Attendancy Expectancy:
All 3 days attended regularly. Average a ~90% raid attendance.

Recruitment Needs:
Ranged DPS
Melee DPS
Even if your role is not listed, feel free to apply if you feel you are an exceptional player. We are always looking for the best of the best.

What you can expect from us as a guild:
- Solid attendance
- Strong leadership
- Laid back personalities
- Alt GDKP Runs
- Help from other members should any be needed
- A close knit community of friends without cliques
-Optional 10man raids (Trials are more than welcome to come)

What we expect from you as a player:
-Near 90% attendance
-Strong knowledge of your class as well as some knowledge of other classes and their mechanics
-Strong knowledge of boss fights (Come Prepared to down any boss we decide to pull)
-Willingness to progress and not give up should a fight seem unkillable
-Ability to accept criticism
-Ability to admit your mistakes and own up when you cause a wipe.
-Open minded and friendly.

We are not looking for raid loggers or anti-social players. We hope to build strong relationships between our guildies both for fun and to help with progression. Alts are also encouraged we will be running GDKPs/Ironbound Sales/10 Man HM ICC Drakes Sales.

Guild Website:

Contacts In-Game:
Bonesx, Morbid, Resign, Sheyo, Droes
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90 Worgen Druid
I remember when trolls were creative and put effort into their trolls.

This is just a sad copy and paste. */disappointedsigh*
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You interested Florise? We do have a core spot for a feral
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85 Troll Druid
Hell yes ICC! Man oh man been looking for a guild that can clear that! /sarcasm
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100 Draenei Paladin
That guild name is not going to generate a lot of anything but disfavor from a number of people on Shadow Council.
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05/08/2012 12:29 PMPosted by Yilthia
That guild name is not going to generate a lot of anything but disfavor from a number of people on Shadow Council.

^This. Sorry but you guys used up all your "Get out of douche free" cards in mid wrath
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