How good is PvP here? (Alliance)

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Thinking about transferring here in the next few days. I am strictly for PvP in this game, and want to be in a good PvP community, active dueling, active RBG's, world PvP. So before transferring here I want some feedback on the PvP action on the server for the Alliance side, also feedback on how good the battlegroup is as well. Hope you guys can help me out here, thanks!
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90 Gnome Warrior
Only Pvpaction you are likely to see on this server, are people duelling outside the gates of Stormwind.
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85 Draenei Mage
or goldshire... so save ur money and go to a real pvp server
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90 Draenei Hunter
Considering that the alliance to horde ratio on this server is about 6:1, world pvp is pretty much non-existent. We have 3 or 4 hordies that like to fly above SW every once in a while and die as 50 alliance chase after them. Alliance raiding a horde city is a joke as the 1 horde hanging out there pretty much runs and hides.

There is always some group (usually the same people) hanging out in Goldshire dueling.

The battlegroup is hit and miss - sometimes I have days when I'm on a winning streak and then there are days that we can't win a bg for anything. It's better if you play really late at night.

Arenas - like all servers there are probably some decent teams. And you'll always find someone on Sunday or Monday night looking for a 2's partner "just for point cap".
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