[H] LF raiding guild 380 Holy Priest

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Hey, the guild I am in currently is no longer raiding so I am looking for a new guild to raid with. (Obviously)


Holy Priest - Troll - Tazaku

Frost/Blood DK - Orc - Grimful

Days available:

As the summer is upon me, I'm available most days at night, however Sunday nights is always a good raid night for me, even during school. We can talk about raid nights and I can set up times, but as of right now consider any time at or after 9:00 PM EST good for me.

I would prefer to raid 2-3 nights a week max, however, as always, I'm willing to discuss things/willing to go extra since it is summer. A fair warning though, in 3 months I'll be in college again and Sunday/ one other day is all I'll be able to do.


I'm a Christian, I feel like that should be thrown out there from the start, while I'm not offended by cussing or most behavior, I will defend/explain/share my belief if the opportunity arises. Note: When I say share, I don't mean I will shove it down your throat, however it is a major part of my life, just a heads up.

I prefer a laid back environment. My last guild was/is like a group of close friends to me, it took a lot for me to decide to find another one and I'm still not officially leaving them, just finding another guild to raid with. That being said, I'm hoping to find another guild very similar to them: laid-back, friendly, up for playing games outside WoW (not required but a strong plus) Don't get me wrong, you don't have to be perfect, my current guild is full of douchebags (myself included) and we always screw with each other, I'm cool with that, I just want to have an atmosphere that promotes fun, not a second job.

[Don't mistake this as a lack of willingness to improve, when it comes to raids, progression is my purpose for playing WoW and that is what I strive for, however you can still have fun while doing it. Drama, cliques, etc are not wanted.]

In Game info

I am currently on the Dentarg server, I am only willing to faction transfer if it is on the Dentarg server, and only willing to realm transfer if it is a Horde Guild. Otherwise it is far too expensive for me. (Dentarg still strongly preferred, simply to save money, not because I love the server.)

I am a scroll of Resurrection player, I feel like I have learned my Holy Priest well after the time I've spent playing him, however I can understand a negative stigma against me because of this. I prefer Holy strongly, can not do Shadow well at all. I can play Discipline decently, but I would need more practice.

I have 525/525 Alchemy/Inscription on Tazaku and 525/525 Alchemy/Herbalism on Grimful

If you have any more questions, please feel free to respond in the thread, that is what I'll be checking and I would prefer a bump, if you want though you can add me in game and /whisper too, that's fine.


I want to find a fun guild to raid with on my Holy Priest, preferring a laid back, fun environment that still strives to have progress, I want Horde but I might be willing to faction transfer if I can't find a Horde guild. Also can raid on my DK as Frost or Blood, but my focus atm is my Priest.
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I love how your TL;DR is 128373 times longer lolol.

well GL anyhow :3
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sorry, the tl;dr is just supposed to be the italics xD

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