LF DS 10 Raiding guild (A)

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hi all im currently looking for a 10man ds raiding guild i want to get raiding soon as possible im frost/blood spec im working on getting tank gear and my frost gear isnt thatbad im currently il380 with dps gear im available to raid weekdays and weekends doesnt matter any day is fine and anytime is also fine i have raided first 3 bosses and last 2 in DS on another toon but im not currently raiding at all and im hoping to change that whisper me in-game or leave in-game mail or respond here if anyone has any raid spots opening thanks for taking time to read this
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Wall of text. tl;dr

If you're looking for a DS group, at least put some kind of effort into your character. No enchants scream "LFG to carry me"

But hey if anything, you should pst Suppy. I heard he's always LFM for DS.
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lets insult someone whose interested in raiding instead of giving them advice so you can be all hard on the lothar forums dead.

Scco if you want to start fresh raiding especially this late into the expansion your going to have to put in effort on a lot of fronts. First off you need to be ready to raid before you start looking for a raid group to join. That means optimizing the gear you currently have to put out your best performance (reforges enchants gems bonuses etc.). You also need to put in the time researching the fights on normal and not LFR don't enter a group if you find one and bring them down. Now for finding a raiding group you need to atk it on multiple fronts. You got to do your research and you have to talk to a lot of people. Find guilds on wowprogress.com that are around your raiding experience or a lvl you wish to be at find their raid leaders and talk to them ask if they're looking for backups main spots or any specific classes till you can find yourself a spot. Do not try to be picky when you start out, there is a ladder to climb and you wont win the lottery and join a heroic 8/8 guild right away. But most of all don't give up after the first week if you don't find a group. Its the end of an expansion a lot of people are taking breaks and summer is also coming soon so a lot of people will take breaks from the game and open up spots.
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if your interested i might be able to get you into a dps spot with our core. or at the very least you can come chill with us. were a 10 man reg group atm. this last week we downed 4/8 and for the most part we are about your gear lvl. reguardless im sure you could be in a back up spot if needed. and we''ll actually help you learn the content instead of being #@#@s and treatig you like !@#$ like some of the "ubers" here
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