[H] 8/8HM 3 day raiding LFM Pandaclysm

100 Troll Priest
Guild Name: Reminence
Realm: US-Demon Soul (NY datacenter)
Format: 25 man Casual Raiding
Faction: Horde
Timezone: Eastern (EST)
Ranked #1 on the Server

Raid days (9 hours):
Monday: 9pm-Midnight (EST)
Tuesday: 9pm-Midnight (EST)
Wednesday: 9pm-Midnight (EST)

Current Class Needs:
Recruiting all classes

Loot Distribution:
Loot Council

Reminence has an age limit restriction (17 years or older may apply)


or apply directly at: www.Reminence.net/forum (must register to view)

About us:
Spanning several expansions, Reminence has been ever adapting and growing into the guild it is today. Originating as a guild amongst friends in The Burning Crusade, and surviving several exoduses and officer changes, Reminence has proven that a dedicated core is the heart to any successful guild. Reminence's main focus has been fun first and foremost within the game. Expect to see a lively gchat throughout the day as well as on the forums. The majority of its members are undergrad and grad students.

If you are offended easily by words over the internet or offended by constructive crticism, this guild is not for you.

An interested applicant should be able to make all time slots listed. We're looking for people to join our ranks to replace those who will be quitting come May 15 (D3 Launch).

The guild uses mumble as its means to communicate during a raid.

T11 Progression:
9/13 HM before 4.2 (Server First of the Four Winds)

T12 Progression:
3/7 HM before nerfs with a 2 mill wipe on domo.
7/7 HM post nerfs (Server First Firelord)

t13 Progression:
8/8HM pre-20% (Server First Savior of Azeroth)
5/8HM pre-10%
3/8HM pre-5% nerf

Guild Perks:
-Guild Repairs
-Guild Enchanting Mats and Gems
-Guild Flasks (Cauldrons now with cata)
-Free Agi, Str, Int, Mana and Armor pots

Additional Raids:

"Group 2" (10 man, looking for more alts for 25 man, 2nd alt group + mains):
Thursday: 8pm-Midnight (EST)
Sunday: 8pm-Midnight (EST)

"Group 3" (10 man, 3rd alt group + mains):
Saturday 7pm-midnight (EST)
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90 Goblin Shaman
05/06/2012 09:52 PMPosted by Hihihihi
We're looking for people to join our ranks to replace those who will be quitting come May 15 (D3 Launch).

And it would be nice to have a rogue for once. Just saiyan.
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86 Orc Rogue
You guys don't have a full time rogue? Wow. expected them to be lining outside your front door.
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100 Orc Warrior
For people who don't know this, if you want any sort of decent PVE progression on this server, Reminence is the place for you.

good luck to you guys, the last bastion of raiding on demon soul.
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100 Troll Priest
thanks for the support Than ^^
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100 Orc Warrior
maybe one day you guys will be as good as me...
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90 Goblin Shaman
I wish I had a Vampiric Batling like Than :(
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90 Human Rogue
Hey, I'm a rogue!
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100 Troll Priest
We're still looking for people. Really interested in tanks and heals!
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The whole ''progression'' thing hurts my head.
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