5/5/12 - 2:29am: Karkin Spawn
5/5/12 - 7:17am: Karkin Spawn
5/5/12 - 10:28am: Skarr Spawn
5/5/12 - 4:08pm: Skarr Spawn

Thats at the lastest when I got him - thought this log may help other Hunters on Dath!

Goodluck! :)

PS: I timed them on a 4-6 hours spawn timer .... I was waiting on top of fire plume in the firelands. You can get there if you just jump up. Waiting up there between the two spawn points helped to see whenever they spawned.

With both rare spawns ...

It helps a CRAZY ton if you are Marksman specced - have silencing shot ready - with readiness ready to go! Just pull with TAME, then wait till till the pyroclasm cast occurs - hit with silencing shot and tame away!

If you AREN'T Marksman - but happen to be a blood elf, you can use your arcane torrent racial ability. Thats how I tamed Karkin ... however I switched to Marksman for Skarr ... as I failed a tame and another hunter got him.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to /w in game!
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